Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just Trucking Along.

This past weekend my Mommy was here visiting! Yay for Mommy time! She, as she always does when she comes, helped rearrange my house, cleaned, and reorganized my pantry AND fridge! :) It is so hard to get to those things that need done every so often when I barely have time after work and school to get to the things that need done EVERY DAY, so they always get pushed to the side. Enter Momma E! She bought containers for all my "bagged goods" (I buy most things in bulk so they live in my pantry in the bulk bag until we use them up) and even came up with several frugal ideas I would never have thought of to help things run more smoothly AND save money. Now that, I like!

We had a really great time having her here, Kaden especially. He "made" breakfast with her in the mornings, the first morning making pancakes where he mixed the batter all by himself and then he made eggs, toast, and "coffee" another morning! :) I so miss being home with him during the day. Yesterday I was sitting outside with him (freaking GORGEOUS days we have been having lately!) and he was having a real conversation with me. He is so grown up every day and I am missing it! I hate that. But the positive side is that he makes me laugh so hard at all the new things he says every single day. I always turn to Stu and repeat what he said in excitement/awe and I never stop getting tickled by his expressions.

School is going well. I am holding steady at the A-B range in all my classes (freaking Art History being the pain in the ass class dragging down my average, ugh) and the work is getting easier the more I use my brain on a regular basis. We just finished midterms and I feel pretty confident about how things are looking from here on out.

Work is going along fine too. I find myself busy a lot more often, which helps pass the time, and have been taking advantage of the slow time by doing homework at work so I don't miss anything when I am finally home with my boys.

Pregnancy is going fine too, fast. Except that I have been having quite unbearable sciatica pain. It is getting worse every single day and every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when I walk across campus to my Art History class (the other two are much closer), I start having contractions and more often than not, one or both of my legs will stop working. There is nothing like being the fat pregnant lady on campus who randomly lets out of cry of pain and has to stop dead in her tracks until my legs decide to work again. Ugh. But I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow and hopefully relief will be in sight not too long after that. Tonight we have a prenatal tour at the hospital (I delivered Kaden there but was very unhappy with my experience and I have a LOT more questions this time around, especially with my goals of a Natural Childbirth VBAC... so hopefully I come out of that feeling more encouraged about the care there.) I'm just a few short weeks shy of my third trimester, so it is time to really get ready now. :)

Stu also has been having back pain these past few days. He thinks he slept on it wrong or something but yesterday was having terrible pain and kept wincing (familiarly, lol) throughout the evening. He's like, "I don't know how you deal with this every day." (Trust me, if I had a choice, I wouldn't. lol)

And that's about it for us. The weather has been so awesome and it has been great to sit outside in the sunshine on the super comfy outdoor furniture and enjoy each other. I also love that it has been getting dark so much later too so we have as much evening time as we want before we have to come in.