Tuesday, June 14, 2011

26 Weeks

I am just AWFUL at blogging! And I really have no excuse. I mean, other than our busy schedules, which are still just as loaded as ever, but that's not exactly NEW, so I just suck! But mostly, things are just kind of boring and unchanging. Jackson and Kaden are growing like freaking weeds! It seems like every day that goes by, one or the other of them are growing out of another pair of pants, or accomplishing a new milestone.

Last night Jackson said "stop" for the first time, adding that to his word list. :) That makes about 6 or so words he can say with intent. He is crawl-running these days and pulls up on EVERYTHING. He is SO close to walking. I have mixed feelings about that one, too. I really want him to walk so that he can be good at it once the new baby comes because I am not sure I can carry a 20-pound baby AND a 10-pound baby around at the same time ALL the time. It seems exhausting and daunting just thinking about it! Lol. Last night I took the kids by myself to meet the family for dinner while Stu was at night class and it was EXHAUSTING. I forget how draining just being pregnant is, then you combine that with carrying an ever-growing boy, and wrangling the other one and suddenly I am sweaty and ready to take a nap and we haven't even left the house yet! :)

Kaden is a freaking hilarious genius these days. He is always one step ahead of me. He's smart, so he has comebacks and arguments ready that stump me and it sucks getting punked by a 3-year-old. Haha. But he makes me laugh all day long with the way he tells stories and his questions that he is CONSTANTLY asking. Right now, his big obsession is time. He wants to know what time we do EVERYTHING, from wake-up to mealtimes to when people come over, and he wants to know the ACTUAL time, not an approximation. He sure is a thinker.

Bean is doing well too. He/she is growing like a weed as well and likes to spend it's days doing somersaults and handsprings in my belly. I am not sure if it is because I already have a baby at home or what, but this pregnancy is FLYING by. It feels like it is at warp speed and I am barely having time to enjoy each new sensation and stage before we are onto the next one. As it is, in a mere two weeks I will enter my third trimester! I am definitely not ready for this one to live on the outside yet when Jackson is still waking up 1-3 times each night for a feeding and/or just to scream for a half hour to an hour. He is the most stubborn baby on earth! But he has the best little personality and I absolutely love spending time with him.

Kaden and Jackson are becoming best friends already. And I LOVE it! I always wanted Kaden to have a sibling so they could be friends, and while Kaden does pick on Jackson from time to time, they are more and more able to actually play with each other and it is so fun to watch!

Stu and I are doing well also. He just started another session of school and has night class 4 nights a week, which is lame, but it also gives me time with my boys all to myself and gets Stu out of the house and conversing with adults, not just people under waist-high. The major downside to this set-up is that we don't get to eat dinner together at all during the week and that is definitely a new struggle since we are used to eating EVERY meal together. We don't get nearly as much time to just chat about our days at the end of the day either, so we've been making up for it by staying up later at night and I feel like that has to end soon too or I will die. Lol.

I am going to school as well, and I get to take my first class WITH Stu, so that is fun as well. It's a pretty easy class, so there is not a lot of stress there either. Work is going well for me too, just trucking along. :)

So that is just about all I have to report as far as our family goes. I have been looking into preschools and I can't believe my baby is even big enough to consider such things! But he is more than ready to "go" to school and he and Daddy have done awesome learning his pre-k material.

Another awesome note, a friend from high school just had her baby this morning! They named him Jett Silas, which I think is a totally badass name and she went to 42+1 weeks, poor woman! She persevered though and waited it out with much more poise than I would have had. :) Congrats to Liz and Jason!