Monday, March 30, 2009

Duck, Duck, Rain.

Uncle Deven sent Kaden a walking, singing duck for Easter and Kaden loves it. When you pick it up by it's neck it makes a horrible screaming sound, which scares Kaden (rightly), so he is very careful to pick it up under the arms. :) Here is Kaden giving his duck a kiss and hanging out with him!

Also, we have had some CRAZY weather lately and it has been utterly awesome! It started out by hailing this morning followed by huge, fat rain drops that continued for hours. I took Kaden out to play in it this morning and sadly, my son is so unfamiliar with rain that it scared him and he started crying when he got wet. How bizarre is that? Poor, sheltered child. Anyway, it is still just pouring right now and I had to take a break from writing this to open the windows, get soaked and squeal in delight. It's bedtime now though, so I will retire, but I just wanted to share the duck pictures! :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

International Shipping.

According to Amazon and their "track your package" feature, I was supposed to have my Twilight DVD in hand on Thursday. It has been 3 days after that and I am still waiting! :(

So, Kaden and I are coloring (with colored pencils since they are harder to eat) instead. He doesn't seem to care, but I want to watch the much-read-about extra features! :)

We had a huge storm this weekend. I guess it was more of a series of storms actually, since they stopped and started. But last night we were treated to an honest-to-goodness Thunderstorm! I was so excited and I opened my 6th floor window to take it all in (I never said I was smart). I reached my arms out and got them all soaked from the rain and then "brought" some rain to Stu. I was so disoriented when I awoke to rain last night in bed that I asked Stu what he was doing (awaking him from a deep sleep) because I couldn't place where the tap-tapping sound was coming from! Poor guy.

I had a bit of a cleaning frenzy this morning, which I must take advantage of when they happen since I so rarely feel like cleaning our apartment, so I cleaned like a mad woman for a few hours. Then Kaden and I took a far too eventful walk (with oglers galore) and I rounded off my morning with a shower complete with a new, fancy-shmancy shower head! Even though it was over a week later than we were quoted. I've now taken three showers with the new head and I must say, showers (that work) are simply divine! I even wasted too much hot water (Dad would have FREAKED if I were at home... he thought I could take a long shower back then! Psh! That was NOTHING!) and took my time shaving and relaxing. So lovely.

This afternoon Kaden and I plan to watch Iron Chef and then play with some blocks and have a lovely dinner together sans Daddy (silly work). I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Friday, March 27, 2009

It Got Worse.

Here is an article with some pictures of the havoc the winds here have caused arcoss the UAE. Pretty crazy.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Told you we had some crazy wind last night! :)

Goodbye Song.

I realize I am probably over-doing it with my new found uploading videos capability, but this one was cute again.

For those not familiar with the TV show "Bear and the Big Blue House", it is a kid's show that is actually one of the better ones for teaching manners and whatnot. At the end of the show, "Bear" sings The Goodbye Song with the moon "Luna". It is cute and Kaden loves it because he understands what it is saying so he can sing it later. Even funnier is that when he sings "Goodbye" it sounds like he is saying "Dubai", so either way, this is an appropriate song for him! :)


Lake City Timberwolves!

My Mom sent this a few months ago, but we've had no use for it yet. Luckily she sent it big so he will grow into it eventually and be able to wear it in cooler weather. But, for my brother, I wanted to take a picture of Kaden in it... my high school! Lake City!

Pics from this week

Kaden making use of one of the boxes we got from our fab family. :)

And here he is on the roof... yeah, it was about as fun as his face indicates, pretty lame. It's already pretty hot mid-day and it kept blowing dust in his eyes. Oh well, outside is outside! :)


As I mentioned in my other post, we headed out for potting soil today to save my dear plant. It is already looking sad, but I have high hopes. We got to Lulu's and there was but one option and here it is:

Yep, it is "Potground" :)

Ramadan Cartoon.

Hala understood exactly what I meant by the blow-up abaya ladies at the mall and she sent me the following links for them. She said they are characters from a cartoon that airs during the month of Ramadan (the holy month). A clip of the cartoon can be seen here and a live performance of the people dressed up like the characters can be seen here. Definitely check out at least the second link. The video is sort of shaky, but how often do you get a chance to see a giant blow up lady in an abaya? Very cool.

This is the cartoon lady the person at the mall was dressed as.
Stu and I went to Al Wahda mall this morning (to pick up some potting soil... but that is another post) and we saw dolls of these characters at the Hallmark store! I was so excited that I knew what they were! :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Maddy!

Today is my youngest sister's 14th birthday today! Kaden and I decided to record a message for her. :) Enjoy!

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Future Jazz Musician.

Isn't he magical? :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dear Anonymous:

I recieved this comment as a response to my prior "Shower" blog. It's frustrating to me when I get nasty comments because, number 1, I don't get paid to blog, I do so as a hobby and as a way for my friends and family to feel closer to us while we are too far away to see them and as such I should have every right to blog about whatever the Hell pops into my head without some "secret" person who has nothing better to do policing my site.

And number 2, because while it may drag me down a bit on an otherwise tolerable day, it is obvious that the only people who write things like this do so because they are personally offended by something I'm doing that they cannot... in this case, having a relatively happy life in spite of living in my own version of Hell. It's not up to be to make anyone else feel better, and it's also not my job to feel perfectly happy in an oppressive, second world country, just because other people are too egotistical and fake to say anything truthful. I think my honesty, while I'm certain to offend some, is one of my best qualities, and is either way, one of the first things that readers of my blog thank me for.

Here is the comment: (you can also find it in the comments section below this blog.)

"You are so miserable here. Why do you stay? Just leave, go back to your wonderful country since it has so much more to offer you. You act as though you are kept here against your will. If that is the case call the police.

For someone so miserable all the time, constantly complaining about everything, you'd think you would be smart enough to just go home. Oh wait, your country is in a bit of shambles and oh your husband may cheat on you whilst your gone. I see, you are here for the money and to keep an ever constant controlling eye on your spouse. You are a trader to your country and a hyprocrite, a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs. Take your country talking, thinking, verbal diarhea back to your own country. How does your husband stay married to you?"

Ok, my turn:

Of course I am miserable here. Anyone would be, and most of the Americans I know who live here are miserable.

But we can't go home yet. We ARE here for the money. That's the only reason we came and it's the only reason we're still here. And we're saving a shit ton of it. My country does have a lot more to offer me, when it is in decent economic times. We're not going to go home when we have a high-paying job here just to waste our savings not being able to find employment like the rest of America is doing.

I don't only complain. I report. This particular blog talked only about what we did this weekend (again, as I've said too many times, this blog is for my friends and family back home. I don't give a shit how anyone else takes how I write about our experiences, and anyone who actually knows us well enough to care to read this would have the balls to sign their name to what they write). Of course I'm complaining about our shower head exploding and not being able to correctly wash as a result of a lazy society and irresponsible building maintenance.

My husband, son, and I are a family. We came here together to make a better future for ourselves while we had a chance to do it (this job). I'm not going to go back to the States without him and have him make all the money and us be apart. It's not about cheating, it's about our relationship and OUR life. It is one... he could never go days or weeks or months without seeing Kaden or me. And that's not something for me to apologize for. We are a happy, strong family unit and he is even more miserable here, away from our families, than I am. But we're in this together. For better or worse. I'm sorry that you don't have the same privilege with your own cheating husband when you go home on vacation without him. But again, it's not my problem.

From the beginning I have written from my heart about being here. It's been so hard a lot of the time, but at least I am honest with myself and the world. As a result, it means that I am very vulnerable. Someone having a hard time with life does not need to try to bring me down and hurt me just because they can't live up to the virtues and morals that I have.

I'd imagine my husband stays married to me because I am a good wife, a good mother, and I have helped him become a better person by having me in his life, or so he'd told me. But I suppose you'd have to ask him.

It’s comments like these that make me grateful for the genuine, good people I've been lucky enough to meet here, like Lulu and Lindsay, Eva and Kundi, Hala and Rama. And not for the people who have turned out to be backstabbing, malicious, unhappy, immoral people like Sam and Rainy. The only type of people who would have any reason to hold other, happier people responsible for their misery. (Especially watching someone who is half their age do it better.)

I take no responsibility for anything except for what I actually do. I've done my best for my family and real friends to live the best that I can, and given the circumstances, I think I've done a pretty good job.

(Side Note: It should probably be noted that you shouldn't call someone out on their "verbal diarrhea” when you’re spouting your own. Invest in spell check:

It’s “hypocrite”, you think I’m a “traitor”, not a “trader” (unless you really think I’m importing and exporting goods), and try “diarrhea” next time.)

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Not a whole heck of a lot to report this weekend. We did the usual shopping and whatnot and we went to dinner at Cantina Laredo where we saw a group of 6 Americans. And not just any Americans, southern Americans! I almost jumped out of my chair to hug the woman when she said, "Hey Ya'll!" to the new group coming in to the join them. Sighhhh, I love Americans accents.

Then the striking (everyone knows it's old guys that do it for me... Sean Connery! Helloooo!) older gentleman walked by with a, "Hey. How's it going?" as he passed us. So nice. It was worth another week of being here just to talk to another American (even if just in greeting).

There was this... well, I'm not actually sure what was going on. In Khalidiyah mall there was a stage set up with hundreds of kids and parents surrounding it. The announcer spoke in Arabic, so I couldn't figure out what he was saying, but the kids were answering questions for prizes and even singing at one point. But, the best part of this was... A giant abaya lady costume! Seriously. There was a person dressed in a huge inflatable costume (like you'd see Smoky the bear, or maybe "Bertha" if those of you have seen her) with an abaya on. She even had one of those metal face masks that they wear (I assume to keep the cloth out of their mouths and noses). Sooo priceless. It was just another time I was desperate for a camera phone here. I tried just now to find a picture posted somewhere of it and I couldn't. Too bad. That was definitely worth sharing!

We took Kaden to the park this weekend (no pics... we didn't stay long since he neck was getting sunburned in ten minutes), so he got some outside time in addition to the roof. He didn't seem to have a very good time though. I don't think he felt quite up to par this weekend. Poor baby.

Other than that, the only other thing to report is yet another epic FAIL on the part of our apartment and its amenities (If you don't remember past annoyances, refresh your memory here, here, here, or here). Our shower exploded. Ok, I'm being dramatic. The shower HEAD exploded. Stu stuffed it back in where it goes and used some cool airplane adhesive to stick the thing back on, but he gets two showers a day and Kaden and I each get one, so it didn't have ample time to "set", and now we have the nozzle drizzling water out of it while a heavy pressure send the rest of the water shooting in 15 different directions while I try in vain to rinse out my ultra thick curly mass of hair. So lame. Luckily I don't go many places or have a lot going on, so my still-shampoo-filled tresses can just be pulled back into a bun and I call it good. (I'd still rather have our shower work).

The watchman said it would be fixed day before yesterday. No shock there. So we're still just waiting. Oh, and today there is a scheduled power outage, supposed to last from 10-noon. We. Will. See.

That's all for me! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Toy Box Nap Time.

My kid has a rough life...
He said, "No" when I asked him if he wanted to go "Night night", so about two minutes later I discovered this:


I suppose it was only a matter of time. I was going to join Twitter eventually. For those who don't know what it is (and this is the blind leading the blind here, since I'm BRAND new to the idea), according to wikipedia it is the 3rd largest social networking site (After MySpace and Facebook, naturally), and Anderson Cooper talks about his "Tweets" all the time. Other than that, it seems like the status updates on Facebook and MySpace, but I'm completely unsure.

I did just create an account though, so if you want to join too, or "follow" me, click here!

St. Patrick's Day

We got two packages from Aunt Mo this week and they were soooo much fun! I got a replenishment of my depleted magazine stash as well as some make-up to try out and new shirts! And Kaden got a WHOLE box of dress up clothes! They were so cool! He has pirate stuff, doctor scrubs, and some fire fighter ones too. He liked the fire fighter hat the best. Here are some of him in the dress-up stuff! :)

And, here is "The Scarved Avenger and his side-kick, Super Monkey" (so Daddy says!):

And here are some safety-savvy workers jackhammering a roof to bits... while still standing on top of it:

(See the guy IN it while they are jack hammering???)
And to celebrate St. Patty's Day, my wonderful hubby brought home flowers for me and a (green) live plant! Gasp! We will have to see how long it stays that way. :)

And Happy Birthday to my Mommy, who's birthday falls on St. Patrick's Day. I love you!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Does this scare no one else?

I keep having the phrase, "Enough is enough" run through my head while I attempt to wrap my head around a number this large...

We are living in scary times, my friends.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Beach Bum.

We had a great weekend. On Friday we took Kaden to the beach in the morning, which was pretty fun. He had a great time playing with his new sand toys and walking with his sandy feet on Mommy’s towel, sprinkling her and her book with sand. I ended up with a sunburn on my shoulders and upper back (I wear a tank top, so luckily the rest of my back was spared). Kaden and I took a nap in the afternoon and then we went to the Flower and finished up our night with a bootleg showing of Twilight (yay!).

Today we went grocery shopping in the morning and then I got together with the girls for our monthly knitting group. It was nice to see everyone, as always. Lulu made it to her final group meeting as she is out of here after this month (lucky!). It is always sad to see people go, but I suppose that is the crutch of being an expat. I will always be grateful for having known her since she taught me how to knit, which I have absolutely grown to love. She definitely will be missed.

Here are some pictures from the beach since I was a big failure with the camera last time! Enjoy!

Yay for new beach toys!

Splashing in the water!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hospital Trip.

As the mother of a boy, this day was sure to come eventually. I was in the kitchen making lunch and Kaden was playing right outside in the hallway with his stroller. He likes to buckle and unbuckle the seatbelt. Sure enough, right as I'm scooping a handful of lettuce into a bowl (with the intent of it becoming "salad"), I look up to see that he has climbed up into it (standing of course) and then watch him topple face-first onto the floor (the whole stroller just tipped over backwards).

I rushed over to him and picked him up as he started to wail. So here's the thing... I knew he didn't hit his head because I watched him fall. He definitely hurt his little hands because he was holding onto the handle when the stroller fell and when I picked him up, his body was still smashing them into the tile floor. Ouch. But when I picked him up, his shoulders felt more loose than normal and I had to sort of grip his ribs to lift him instead of just relying on his underarms. Odd.

Then, he didn't stop crying for FORTY FIVE MINUTES. At that point I was near hysteria. Stu was no help, saying that if he needed to come home and take us to the hospital, I needed to let him know. I didn't know what to do. So, I did what any adult, rational woman would do... I called my Mommy!

She said that since he'd been crying for so long that he might have broken his collarbone or something else equally horrible. And that it would probably be best to take him in as a precaution. So I called Stu, got him driving the 45 minutes it takes to get here and in the mean time, between fits of hysteria whenever I'd put him down (like to change into jeans from sweats), the monkey finally fell asleep sprawled across my lap.

By the time Stu got home and called me, Kaden had woken up on the way downstairs and didn't seem in nearly as much pain when I shifted his weight to my hip. He let me put him in his carseat without a fight, so I decided we probably didn't even need to go. But we decided we should get him checked out anyway since Stu had already come all the way home, and to put our minds at ease.

We get to the doctor and of course no one will see us. Pediatrics says it will be over an hour wait, and General Practice will not see a baby. So after shuffling all over the hospital, a heavy-set Greek-looking receptionist escorted us back down to Pediatrics and spoke forcefully in Arabic with the receptionist, nurse, and doctor before they finally relented and we were seen. Doctor May (we've seen her before) poked and prodded Kaden, making him scream bloody murder and determined that he was fine. He had a decent-sized bruise on his back (which explained why he wailed when I laid him down) but otherwise seemed to be in fine shape. He also weighed in at 12 kilos... 26 and a half pounds! She told us to keep an eye on him for any odd behavior and to wake him up at night to make sure he doesn't have a concussion.

Anyway, so that was our too-stressful afternoon. I did finally get to come back and eat lunch right around 5:00, haha. Kaden is now finally sleeping for a late nap and I got a chance to clean up the house a little bit and relax. Hope everyone else's day was a bit more calm. :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One Year in Exile...

If ya'll check your Facebook page often, you may have already noticed that Stu mentioned we've officially been here a year. Yep... One. Whole. Year.

It's kind of amazing to think about it really. I mean, a year ago my little monkey had just learned to crawl and definitely wasn't anywhere near understanding what we were saying to him. Today he asked to "eat" dinner, then wanted a "dink" to go with it... I asked him if he liked his dinner and he said, "Nummm". Yep, things have definitely changed. He also got to talk to Momma E on the phone the other night and told her he loved her. Sweet baby.

(I should pause here to mention that I just had to take a break from writing this to go clean up the dinner that my little talker just dumped on the floor... super-stain food Lasagna, too. Little shit.)

Anyway, so a year. Hoo-ray. We're both pretty over being here and are eagerly counting down the days until our Rome trip, but the year bonus will be a nice addition to our bank account, so why complain?

I have been passing my time by watching and re-watching (and watching again) Twilight while I intermittently read my favorite excerpts from Midnight Sun (please, Stephenie Meyer, for the love of all that is holy, finish it! Please!) and Twilight (before I have to give it back this weekend... gotta get my fill!). Next week I will head on to New Moon again.
Stu has been listening to Kissin 92 and adding up the thousands of dollars until he will feel satisfied that we can go home (ask him, he can tell you EXACTLY what we will have saved if we leave in July, September, November, January, or next March...). :)

We took Kaden to the beach this weekend since Stu had an extra day off because of the Prophet's (pbuh) birthday. So that was nice. Kaden had a great time except for the time he fell in the water face first. He's not a fan of seawater. I got a little sunburn, but it is a vast improvement over the deathly pale tone I've been sporting lately.

School is going well, but it is getting tedious and I'd really just rather it get over with, or have it get more intellectually demanding. I have good grades for now, so I am happy with that at least.
Other than that, we really haven't been doing much else. Same old stuff.

Here are some pics of Kaden over the last year:
March 2008
April 2008
May 2008
June 2008
July 2008
August 2008
September 2008
October 2008
November 2008

December 2008

January 2009

February 2009

March 2009

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Border Weekend.

We had to do another border run on Friday... which is never fun. Especially since Stu is now working nights, but still has to get up and go in early on Thursdays with the day shift guys. It's weird and he is soooo tired on Thursday nights, which makes for a happy Stu, lol.

So we took off a lot later on Friday than we normally do and when we got to the Omani side of the border, it was jam packed. They only had one computer up and running which meant that they could only process one visa at a time. The Prophet's birthday is this Monday so everyone here has a holiday this weekend and it looked like practically everyone and their Mom was on their way to Muscat. Instead of waiting in the ungodly long line, we opted to drive out to the other border across the mountain (Hafet port) which had nearly no line, but it is hotter and further. It worked out fine and we celebrated with KFC for lunch in the car on the way home. I forgot the camera AGAIN and it sucked because we saw not one, but TWO camels sitting in the backs of trucks, and we saw a donkey! Hehe

It was otherwise a fairly uneventful trip except that in the morning when we were packing up to go, Stu was cleaning off the windows so we could see and I ran to the little store to get some pop to take and somehow we forgot to put Kaden's stroller in the trunk (seriously... who loses a stroller???). We didn't know about this until we got home and Stu tried to get it OUT of the trunk and it was missing. Sigh. Retards. We asked around and no one seemed to have seen it. But, it was completely falling apart and we have been looking for another, more sturdy, one anyway, especially since we are going to Rome in about a month, so today we got another one. Kaden loves it so far, so that is good! :)

After getting home from the border last night we got a call from Matt and went to eat Korean food with Matt, Mike, and Kyle. It would have been really nice except my son was a TOTAL brat! He screamed his head off more than he was quiet and would not stop getting into everything. It was awful. We ended the night by heading to Hamed Center for some movies (stupid Green Branch was closed... stupid Fridays).

Unfortunately either from the KFC or Korean I was puking all night (sorry for the visual), so I got very little sleep and then my stomach physically hurt all day today, so it has been a pretty relaxing day. We just grocery shopped and then I took a two-hour nap with Kaden while Stu played some Madden. I made Crepes for dinner and we might walk down to Baskin Robbins for some dessert.

That's all for us. Pretty chill weekend once again. :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Breaking Dawn and the Roof.

Alright, so I'm half-way through Breaking Dawn (the fourth and final book of the Twilight series) and I just have to say that everyone is right, this is the best one so far! And I've delved into a new realm of obsession: I had my first Twilight dream last night. My brain took over and made Bella's choice about... the, uh... thing, for her (don't want to give anything away for those who haven't read it or aren't there yet). Stu thinks I'm losing my mind. I just downloaded the movie to watch and Stu said, "Oh my God, you are a LOSER!"

In other, more human, news... we took Kaden up to the roof this morning (gotta process that Vitamin D somehow) and it was fabulous. The weather was PERFECT. There was still a slight breeze, but the sun felt very warm on your skin. So nice. Not to mention that it was one of the clearest days I've ever seen here. Probably THE clearest day. So of course, we had to get some pictures of it. :)
Otherwise, our lives have been basically the same. Sorry I've been silent... for those who have asked, we will be solving our "pickle" conundrum today or tomorrow. Stay tuned.

All ready with his pack pack to go to the roof.

See how clear the sky is?

Daddy is training him to be a grill master!

Checking the settings to be sure they are just right!

Holding hands... Sweet babies!

Monday, March 2, 2009


When I was a little girl, my Mom used to be able to pick up one of the Little House on the Prairie books, open it to a random page and just start reading. She had read the books so many times (there are like 15 total in the series) that she basically knew them by heart and whatever page she turned to, she'd know exactly where she was...

...I always thought she was nuts. It took me long enough to get through ONE book, let alone read any book more than once, and she had read ALL of these books tons of times!

Then... along came Twilight. Sighhhh (And Mom, read them.) Last night since I had finished New Moon and I obviously didn't want to start another random book knowing full well that my wonderful husband was taking me to get the other two in the morning... I picked Twilight back up, opened to a random page, and started reading. Yep, it was just as good the second time (three days later)... obsessed much? To add insult to injury, we were driving to the mall to get the last two books and I was apparently quiet for a while and Stu asked me what I was thinking... I was actually thinking about dialogue in the damn book! (The meadow scene... Sighhhhh)
Lindsay, the saint that she is, even volunteered last night to bring the next book to work with her so we could pick it up (how awesome is she??), but I knew I'd want to read them again and Stu already we could get them... instead, she and I and our mid-twenties-selves gushed about Edward via text message...
So, after I finish this blog I am going to go start Eclipse (book 3 of the series for the non-Twilighters). I put dinner in the Crock Pot, vacuumed before Stu left, just finished up dishes, and now Kaden is down for a nap... Yay! Time to read! Lucky for me I have until tomorrow before next week's assignments come out for school. Thank goodness because I have been a little preoccupied!
This was me this morning, btw. See? I do other things than read! :) (Skeletal system lab... that's a cow long bone) See the focus? :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sleeping In.

This morning my wonderful husband sneakily got up with Kaden and let me sleep until TEN in the morning!!!! (Ok ok, so I HAD stayed up until almost two reading New Moon, rationalizing as the time went by that I REALLY only needed 6 (5…4…) or so hours of sleep...)

When I got up he asked if I would make pancakes. Of course! After letting me sleep, it was the least I could do... until I found out we had no Bisquick. Crap. They of course didn't have it the last time we went to the store (or the time before) so we went without. So I had to find a recipe on how to make them from SCRATCH. It was easy and they turned out fine, thank goodness. So that was good. (Who knew pancakes were so easy to make???)

I also got a chance to christen my Crock Pot today and we have a scrumptious smelling roast in there now (only 6 more hours to go! Lol). I am hoping this easier way to prepare meals turns out well since I just can't bring myself to cook complicated meals when I know only a less-than-eager toddler will be waiting at the dinner table. And let's be honest, he'd rather have toast anyway. Kaden and I had sandwiches for lunch and leftover pizza for dinner but hopefully tomorrow we will have yummy leftover roast for a REAL dinner instead! :) (And poor Stu can be sent off with a better lunch for work)

In other news, we're sort of in a pickle right now. I don't want to go into details before we know what's going to happen, but suffice it to say, we've both been extremely preoccupied this weekend and hope that we find out soon, one way or the other, so we can soothe our nerves. (No, grandmas, I'm not pregnant...)

Anyway, I am already on the Epilogue of New Moon and I am not sure how to wait again. Maybe I can just talk Stu into letting me just buy the whole series since I already KNOW I will be reading them again (and again). I have NEVER been this excited about a series before. I find myself thinking about the characters like I know then in real life... wondering about upcoming decisions and whatnot. It's retarded. But still exciting! Haha

That's about it. Like I said, not a lot going on in our world. Kaden is still adjusting to this new schedule and it is weird for me that he sleeps from like 2-5 now! Now I am going to go play with blocks for a bit before he abandons me for his infinitely-cooler-than-Mom toys.