Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ultrasound # 4

The results came back good! We're back to normal levels of fluid in there and Bump looks healthy as usual. The only slightly weird thing was that last night around 1 AM I started having contractions (not Braxton Hicks for those who have been prego before and know the difference). They kept waking me up and were quite uncomfortable. I had them all morning too and of course, right before my appointment, they magically disappeared. Lol. She said she could see some light effacement of my cervix, but to keep an eye on them and if they get bad again, I'll just have to come back in and we'll worry about it then. I'm 28 weeks now, so even just a few more weeks would be great and then if he really wanted to come, he could without much worry. But not quite yet. :)

I have a follow-up Ultrasound in another 3 weeks to check the fluid levels again, but hopefully if they are good then, we'll be good to go for the rest of the pregnancy. :)

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