Thursday, December 16, 2010

Working..... out.

I have had a really hard time losing the baby weight this time around and I think that is partly because it has only been 4 months and partly because I. HAVE. NO. TIME.
The last 4 months have consisted of me working full time, going to school, and then rushing home to eat and hang out with my kids for a little while before they have to go to bed, and then the next day we did it all over again. Now that school is officially over as of Tuesday, I am able to come home right from work and not have to worry about homework deadlines or upcoming tests, so I can just be with my boys. But that also means that I have no more excuses to avoid working out...

...That STILL doesn't mean that I have any motivation to. I got on the elliptical last night and after about 5 minutes I thought I might actually have a heart attack and die in my kids' playroom. But, alas, I survived and today, I feel sore, but good. So maybe I can put this into my routine without too much grief. :) Still doesn't mean I WANT to.

I mean, let's be honest, would YOU want to waste your time working out if you had these faces to play with as an alternative???

I didn't think so.


  1. No way! Those cute faces are more than enough reason not to work out! However, maybe you can take Jackson in the stroller and Kaden on his bike for a little walking workout? Or just tell Kaden it's "workout" time and have him do it with you - that way when he's a teenager (like my kids) "exercising" isn't such a foreign concept....LOL!

  2. Well, I park about a half-mile from my office, so I do get a decent walking workout everyday, but Kaden LOVES working out. He even knows what P90X is and does it with Daddy. Haha. He chatted with me while I was on the elliptical and Jackson talked (yelled) at me too from his bouncer seat. He also thought it was HILARIOUS when I got on the floor for some sit-ups. Silly baby.