Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Recap

2011 was a big year for us as a family, and of course the addition of Lila to our family was easily the highest point of the year, but we did a lot of fun things. Here are some pics of some of the things we did this year.


We started the year out right with some Arabic food and family and friends.

Jackson decided he didn't care for baby food. :)

And we had Cru over for a playdate!


Jackson got an ear infection. :(

And then learned to sit up all by himself!


Jackson got his first hair cut!

Maddy and Momma E came to visit and Maddy and Jackson were BFFs.

Our whole family went to the park.


The Easter Bunny came to visit us!

We dyed eggs and Jackson tried to eat them whole.

We went for lots of walks and saw the firefighter's memorial in Boise.

Jackson learned to pull up to standing!


We spent lots of time at the park in the nice weather.

We ate our breakfasts outside in the backyard.

My baby sister went to prom!

We went to Momma E and Grandad's for a visit and Kaden got to go on the Harley.

We went fishing!


We hung out in Daddy's hammock that we got him for father's day.

Miss Adelyn got to come down for a visit!

And we all took a trip to the zoo.

And had a blast in the backyard.


My boys celebrated their 1st and 4th birthdays.

Mommy made cupcakes for their beach theme birthday party.

We travelled to Coeur d'Alene and got to meet cousin Keegan (and Uncle Kemer and Aunt Justine) for the first time!

And we got a whole family picture.


We went to the Fair (in the hundred+ degree heat, 9 months pregnant, and got all swollen for days. :))

We cooled off in the pool.

Jackson learned to walk!


We took family maternity pictures.

Daddy finished the baby's changing table.

We painted our hands and feet and decorated the family growth chart.

Mommy went into labor in the morning on September 18th while watching Madagascar, Escape 2 Africa in bed with the kids, and took a test 5 hours before I delivered our precious Lila girl. :)

The moment I found out I had a daughter.

She came with precious little feet!

Our beautiful Lila Grace.

Our first playdate with our best friend Salem who is exactly two days older than Lila.

Mimi and Papa got to come to see their first great granddaughter.

Momma E meeting her first granddaughter!


My fantastic boss and coworkers threw a baby shower for Lila and me.

We went to Jabbers with Jamie and her Mom Cindy and the kiddos.

Baby Jett came over for a playdate!

We carved pumpkins and had a great Halloween.

Jackson got to move from the high chair to the big boy table with the family!


Aunt Mo came to visit!

Grandma and Grandpa Fox came with Uncle Norman to visit and Norman and Stu made our house all decoratey!

Uncle Norman and his babies!

Lila was a huge Bronco fan!


All of the kids were spoiled at Christmas by Santa and family!

We had Christmas Eve dinner with the Brintons.

We took in the Winter Garden aGlow at the Botanical Gardens.

And my sweet boy donated his piggy bank money to 7Cares to benefit the Idaho Food Bank and the Boise Rescue Mission.


  1. How could anyone NOT just love the Fox family!!!???? Well, we love them all and to see pictures that remind us of memories forgotten, is so fun! When we were there joining in on all the fun, it was the greatest of times! Mimi and Papa love you all!!! XXXXXOOOOO