Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Jackson, Pre-Six

Jackson’s 6th birthday is one week from today. I know, how did this happen, right? It feels like just yesterday I was whining about sciatica and sleeping in my “nest” as Stu so lovingly called it. 

My Nest. 

Last belly picture, almost 42 weeks pregnant. 

And now he is such a smart, funny, artistic little man. Here are some things about Jackson, pre-six:

(Photo cred: Mary-Leah Moore)

He is an artist. While my other two are content enough to draw or color from time to time, Jack is my left-handed, talented creator who loves all things art, music, and abstract. He can easily mimic another drawing, or create from his imagination with paper and pencil, legos, or any other medium he can get his hands on. He also has an ear for music and can identify songs and sing the chorus after hearing them a single time. This has gotten me into trouble a few times when I didn’t think he was paying any attention to the music I was listening to, and then a few days later he starts singing Wiz Khalifa from the backseat. Whoops. Yes, art is his world and he totally rocks at it.  

Ever since Jack was little, he has always thought of things in a different way than the rest of us. He is intuitive in ways that freak me out, and he cares deeply about the things he loves. Alternatively, he also could not care less about things which do not interest him. His siblings tend to have an opinion about almost everything, but with Jack, it is live-and-let-live unless it is about something he is deeply passionate about.

But mostly, Jack is the biggest people-person in our little family. He is always the funniest, most charismatic guy in the room, and people are drawn to his little personality. I can’t wait to see who he will grow into, but I know whatever he chooses for his life, he is going to do it effortlessly, and happily. 

I love you, Jackson! I can't wait to see what six brings!

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