Monday, February 25, 2008

We are "Go" for launch!

We officially got word this morning that we've received the official welcome package from "work" and will be leaving the country on March 9th.

Stu and I are both so extremely excited for this new journey and I will make sure I catalog everything we see and experience for everyone! :)

Thank you for the support and well wishes. We appreciate it all so much!

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  1. Well, I had a nice long comment to you and then it wouldn't allow me to send it and I had to stop and sign up for a google account! Then my nice message wasn't here when I got back!! Oh well...I'll type more another time! Just glad you are there and hope you get over the jet lag before long. It might take a while so don't get frustrated. We love you and hope you will find your new home a fun and exciting place. Send us some postcards!! We love you and will talk to you soon! Love you..Mimi/Papa