Saturday, March 1, 2008

Can't sleep.

Soooo, I woke up probably 15 times last night and this final time decided I was trying in vain to stay in bed any longer. So I am up. Heh.

I guess I didn't anticipate being this nervous about leaving. I mean, we're going to my Mom's today, not Abu Dhabi yet... why be so stressed out? But alas, here we are on the old laptop, sitting in my aunt's living room, waiting for even Kaden to wake up and join me. I was going to go ahead and take a shower and "greet the day" but I realized that Stu packed up the car last night so I don't have any clothes pulled out. Haha. Looks like I will be wearing a jammies shirt today! :)

Anyway, so we leave Boise this morning for Coeur d'Alene (Spokane actually) for three days with my family. If it's anything like last night, we're going to be hard-pressed to find a family member willing to let us take Kaden without a fight. My aunt and uncle are plotting ways to keep us here.

Last night Kyle, Melissa, and Kristin (with little Kaden) came over for food and goodbye (again, haha) and it was pretty tough. I can't imagine having to do this for the next week straight! (Although, it should be noted that yesterday when I left work, I decided to "say my goodbyes" and started [and subsequently finished] with Brett. I did it to myself, but I went to knock on his door and thought, "How many hundreds of times have I done that?" And of course got all teary-eyed. So my goodbyes ended with Brett. haha. I decided I'd send an email once we were in-country and I couldn't change my mind anymore, lol.

I am going to go get some cereal and pace around the room "packing" until someone else decides to get up with me. :)

Stay tuned!


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