Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas 2009 Update.

I have just been a bad blogger since I got home. What a shame. I keep forgetting I even have one. How's THAT for being otherwise prioritized? Haha. I used to LIVE on this blog.

Anyway, so we've been pretty busy the past few weeks getting our house organized more and unpacking the mounds of boxes I didn't even know we had (and tossing a great majority of it).

Christmas was fun. My little Kaden boy delighted in opening his cool gifts and partaking in the magic of Santa. His favorite part that was Santa actually ate the cookies and milk we left out for him! He was amazed. :)

We also went sledding with friends up in Idaho City and made time for Christmas lights and of course some Christmas movies.

The rest of the week I had off, Stu and I got into the routine of organizing/unpacking in the morning then after lunch Kaden would go down for nap and we would cuddle up on the couch (and recline of course! hehe) and watch Man v. Food, Anthony Bourdain, and the Discovery Channel to pass the nap time.

Now I am back at work and we are trying to get our house ready for both my Mommy's upcoming visit (no fog this time!!! I mean it!) and starting school in less than two weeks. My evenings get drastically shorter once school starts (as does my lunch, heh) so I want to have as much done and ready to go as possible.

We found out how unorganized we still are when this weekend Kaden came down with a pretty gnarly fever and we couldn't find any of the 3 or 4 thermometers were had. So I had to make a run to the store for a new (super cool 8-second) thermometer and Children's Tylenol to soothe my poor sick baby. Luckily, thanks to his super immune system, after two doses of Tylenol and a good deal of lounging in from of the TV all day, he was back to his happy, mischievous self the next morning. Thank God.

Stu is adjusting well to being back home. Though he did have his first twinges of reverse homesickness last night, saying, "I miss it there sometimes." I had talked to him about this phenomenon while he was still over there, to which he replied, "No way, I hate this f**king place. I won't miss anything about it." Told ya! :) But otherwise he is starting to get bored of being home all the time with Kaden and seems eager/anxious to start school.

I have been pretty good. I feel pretty "normal", though I definitely have a belly now that wasn't there before. I'm not feeling nearly as sick as often and only certain smells trigger it for me now. Which is way better than everything making me ill. Everyone keeps asking, but I still don't have a good due-date yet. I'll let you know when I know. :)

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