Wednesday, February 17, 2010


It's amazing how much life changes so fast. Before we left Abu Dhabi, it was something we'd both been dreaming about for a LONG time. Now that we're back in America, the UAE seems a million miles away. And I don't mean that physically because obviously it is not very close to Idaho, but mentally. While we were there, America and getting home was all we could think about it, and it feels weird that we don't think about Abu Dhabi more since we've been back. It was our home for a long time after all.

But now we've been away long enough that the bad things don't seem so bad and the things we miss start to nag. We talk about going back all the time, for the money, the simpler life, the shawarmas :). I think we both finally appreciate what we had there, when we can look at it from a distance. Living in America again is every bit as good as I'd hoped, but we fit there too. I was looking back at pictures of how much we did and accomplished while we were there and how much of Kaden's development happened there, and I know Abu Dhabi will always hold a special place in our hearts and memories as we move forward with "real" life now.

Speaking of real life now, I am freaking exhausted! Haha. Maybe that is why remembering the days when ALL I had to accomplish was keeping my son alive, and having dinner ready for my husband, seem so fancy. In all honesty, it is absolutely harder to be away from Kaden all day than I thought it would be. I always miss him and regret that I am not there to share his day with him. Not to mention with the pressures of school and that little part about growing another human, and my days are pretty tiring. But soon this semester will be over, a new baby will be here, and we will fall into yet another new routine with our new addition and I'll probably miss these days. :)

Speaking of the new baby, I had my 20 week check-up yesterday (half-way done! :)) and everything looks great. I am right on track (if not a little behind) with my weight gain, MY vitals are perfect, and baby's heartbeat is 151 and super strong. We go in this Saturday (only three days! woot woot!) to find out what we are having and do the anatomy scan to make sure everything is growing as it should be. While I still FEEL like I am having another boy, I can't help but hope for pink! :) Plus Kaden is adamant that he wants a sister and not a brother, so who am I to dash our hopes until we know for SURE? :)

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  1. Haha keeping up with the blog is definitely hard with all this everyday life stuff huh? And I can't even imagine throwing a child in the mix like you do. Or school again. Yuck-o. I admire you for it. I definitely wish I had more time to keep mine up - I do enjoy it, but it's hard. On a different note, I can't wait to hear what the baby is! And I agree about hoping we don't have to dash Kaden's hopes either. :-) I'd give anything to see that cute little face when he gets to hear the news!!