Monday, February 1, 2010

School, et al.

So, I opened up a window for Blogger early this morning when I got to work. Then I realized how behind I was in reading my many favorite blogs and the reason and desire to blog were suddenly lost.

Now, I am back from class and I am feeling only slightly more interested in it, but I feel like the world's worst blogger and I can't help but feeling like I have become exactly like every other blog I used to read, whose owner went back to America and dropped off the face of the blog-world.

Determined to not be so cavalier with my blog (heh :)), I am here to recap what's been going on.

We still have Jasper, though after a few days of him being a particular pain in the ass, I found myself silently wondering if it would be SO horrid to cash in on their "30-day policy". Doubts aside, he really is a great dog and Kaden just loves him. They play together so much longer than Kaden used to play by himself. And although they do find double the trouble to get into, they are two of a kind and have become the best of friends. I'm glad we got him (and have kept him! haha)

School is going fine. There are some days when I get home (night class days in particular) where I fall into the nearest comfy chair and feel sorry for myself for having left before the sun came up, and gotten home after it went down. It can't last long though, because I have a husband and toddler to cuddle, and typically a crap-ton of stuff to get done to prepare for the next day to do it all over again. I do try to remember, in my darkest moments, that there are so many people out there less fortunate than me, and while I envy my husband's ability to stay home with Kaden and only have to focus on school, it could really be so much worse (I could live in Haiti...). I have a good breakdown about once every two weeks or so for now though.

Work is fine as well. Again, working full time and going to school and growing another person, is really all hard work by themselves, together they are downright debilitating some days, but I just keep telling myself, "tomorrow will be better" and it usually is. We've been taking full advantage of the time we DO have as a family and it has made those moments even sweeter.

For example, last night we got to christen our new fire pit we got this weekend. It was great. We made frozen pizza for dinner and had a "picnic" (which Kaden ALWAYS thinks is the coolest way to eat a meal... and let's be honest, isn't it???) outside by the fire. Then we made s'mores of course! I did take some pictures but didn't have a chance to upload them yet, so I will post them later.

Yesterday was also Joslyn's baby shower. For those who aren't on Facebook, or don't keep up, Joslyn and Aaron have had a hard time having a baby. After several miscarriages, this one is a keeper after Jo underwent a cerclage, but he is likely going to have some trouble with an arm and possibly a leg. The neonatal surgeon won't know the extent of the surgeries the baby may have to undergo until after he is born. For now, Jo has a scheduled c-section on February 22nd. We're hoping everything goes well and he is not as bad off as he could be. But the party went well, I think everyone had a good time, and it's always nice to see people you rarely get a chance to see.

That's about it from me for now. Back to the grindstone! :)

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  1. Your good breakdowns are only once every two weeks?! You've got me beat for sure. You are an absolutely amazing mom and I'm so glad you guys are giving another child the chance to be raised in such a loving family. Too bad we aren't closer- we could have play/study dates! Love & miss you too.