Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eid in Dubai.

Eid Mubarak everyone! Stu has a few days off for Eid, which is wonderful, so we decided to celebrate and to break up the days off, we would head to Dubai for some R&R time. We got up in the morning and got all packed up and headed off after an early lunch. We arrived in Dubai and checked into our hotel room at the Le Meridien (after a slight near-catastrophe because I forgot my passport and they almost didn’t let us check in). The room was beautiful and nicely equipped for the price.

We headed off to Dubai Festival City, which is really just a glorified mall, and we walked around for a few hours and took in a HUGE two-story Toys R Us which Kaden didn’t want to leave, before going to Macaroni Grill for dinner.

We got seated and were starving by the time Iftar started and we decided to have the Iftar feast (it was the last day of Ramadan, why not?) We had a Shrimp and Spinach dip for an appetizer, which was absolutely amazing, the bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and we ordered tomato basil soup (holy crap yum!), garden salad, Mushroom Ravioli for the main course and Tiramisu for dessert. Let me just say that aside from my favorite meal of mushroom fettuccine in Italy, this was the best meal I’ve had in over a year and a half. I absolutely HAVE to get the recipe for the ravioli. It was amazing.

Afterwards, we walked near the canal a bit and then headed back to the hotel for some relaxing. We all got showers and got cuddled down and then watched part of a movie before turning in for the night. I learned two things last night. First, a hate feather pillows. The bed was amazingly comfortable, but Stu and I both slept terribly because the pillows were so terrible. Second, my son talks in his sleep. I thought he was just awake and talking so I went over to his bed to lay him back down but he was already laying down and his eyes were closed. I was like, “Kaden?” and he sniffed and rolled over. I heard him a few more times, odd baby. Lol

We got up around 7 and cuddled for a bit before heading down to breakfast. Now, 50 bucks for breakfast for two people IS pretty steep, but BOY was it good! I had an omelet and several items from the continental section (fruit, breads, jam, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, etc) and Stu had awesome eggs Benedict. Stu and Kaden headed up to the room when Kaden started to get a bit bored and I got to enjoy the rest of my toast and coffee in peace and quiet. Quite the treat!

We got dressed in swimwear and headed for the pool (1 of the 3). Kaden was a bit timid and was pissed when he thought it was the “ocean” and couldn’t locate his Momma E anywhere. We enjoyed some relaxing quiet pool time and then headed back to the room to get ready to head home.

We got to see a herd of camels on the way to Abu Dhabi, which is always fun. And then, we saw the completed “round” building they have been working on for a long time.

We all agreed it was a very nice mini-vacation for everyone.

Here are some pics from the mini-trip. I apologize in advance for the excessive amount of black and whites. After a year of having our camera, I finally started reading the book it came with and learned how to take B&Ws. Because I already have a TON of pics of Dubai in color, I took most of these without.

Kaden ready to head to Dubai!
Daddy getting some snacks for the trip.
Burj Dubai. Getting ever taller.

Le Meridien.

Kaden checking out the room.

The obligatory self-portrait. :)

Kaden thought the closet was the coolest part of the room (it had a sliding door).

Slippers and stuff.

An espresso machine in the room. I definitely took advantage of this lovely contraption! :)

We were still in a Muslim country so I had to find the arrow to Mecca. Here it is! On the bed side table.

Tons of fun freebies! (And that flower was real)

I do believe this was our first 5 star hotel.

The carousel at Dubai Festival City.

Myself on a bridge over the canal.

This one is just for Mo! :) We thought of you.

Kaden driving a Ferrari


This dragon growled and roared. Loud.

Kaden by the pool (he looks mad in this pic, but it was really just sunny.)

Is this picture not the epitome of vacation or what? :) Love it!

My boys enjoying swimmin' time!

Time to head home! Sleepy baby.

If you look closely, you can see 3 or so camels.

And here is the odd round building. :)


  1. Wow what a strange building there at the end! Aren't those cameras wonderful? I've started using my black and white function a lot lately too - I love it. Those are cool Dubai pics in the b&w. Looks like a fun mini-vacation!

  2. These pics are great! Made me tear up knowing how much fun we had while there! I dont' know about the round building...what was/is that? The Le Meridan looks fabulous!! I love really nice hotels...and...glad you found the arrow. Never know when you might need its direction...hahaha Kaden is precious, as usual, always smiling and enjoying life to the fullest!!

  3. That whole place is like a theme park! Wow. And I love my Captain Jack Sparrow!! :)

  4. AAAAWWWWW!!!!! You want to go to the ocean? I miss my baby!!! We had so much fun in the sand :( I'm glad you got to go to Dubai one more time before you leave - these are "forever" memories.
    I love you ALL!!!!!