Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend Poker.

We did poker again this Friday after a several-week hiatus because of our vacay and then a crabby baby last week. It was... uh, interesting? The good parts were that we had a pretty good time. It's always nice to see friends and we had plenty of laughs, also, I got second place to Mike so we at least got our money back (which is also nice!) but, we had some awkward moments too.
After the psycho-bitch turmoil with some of the (now gone... and both divorced) wives over my blog post over a year ago about the "Little Boys' Club", I'm not going to go into too many details (unless fam and friends really wanna know and then I'll email you the juicy deets, hehe). Suffice it to say, some personalities don't always work in a group setting. Poor Stu was having a hard time keeping his thoughts to himself, lol.

But Kaden enjoyed finally getting his "peeeeesa" (translation: Pizza) he'd been asking for all week. Here are some pics from the weekend and then some pics of my poor sick baby yesterday. I am unfortunately sick today (complete with several occasions of reverse eating, ugh) again. Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day! :)

Kaden really thought he was talking to his "Mom-Mimi" (Momma E).

My sweet boys cuddling and watching a show.

My poor sick baby. This is where he stayed all morning.

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