Saturday, September 5, 2009

Vacation Weather

So, I finally figured out how to compress the videos from our vacation (thanks infinity, Sarah!) and I figured I'd post a few of them for your viewing pleasure. :) Enjoy!

Here we are, hanging out downstairs in the screened in room, while enjoying the awesome display of weather we were treated to!


  1. Love to see the videos so keep posting them so we can watch them! Making us want to visit there sometime in our lives! Talked to your mom tonight and you can tell she really enjoyed Kaden and being there for a few weeks! Way to go, Monica. She needs some restful time, away from all that she does in Cd'A! Did you know we were there one time several years ago? Yes, but it was stressful at that time...can't remember why though. Anyway, keep sending the videos and any other pictures you have! We love you!!!

  2. WOW I love hearing that thunder... yall got treated to one of those perfect thunderstorms for the beach. :-) Yay for all the videos working!!