Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pantalones No Mas.

I have been a serious slacker when it comes to keep Kaden’s scrapbook updated, so he and I got to working on it again today. I finished up his baby shower pages (and they’re adorable, btw) and then was pulling out the keepsake stuff from his birth and we found his foot prints! Here he is showing off his foot prints (which he thought were AWESOME! Which you can clearly see by the glee on his face, haha) and his big boy feet. :)

Then, our latest development is that Kaden has decided to stop wearing pants. He wakes up sans pants and as soon as I dress him he is pulling them off. Here he is this morning right after breakfast, getting rid of those terrible things. Lol.

Apparently socks had to go too.


  1. Haha! "Glee" is the perfect word for that face!! The pants thing is hilarious - I'm told that I had a thing about shoes when I was that age. Hated them. My first words were talking about how hot my shoes were on me. :-)

  2. OMG! The one of him holding his baby footprints and the expression on his face is PRICELESS! I am totally stealing it for my FB!