Monday, August 31, 2009

Since We've Been Back.

Because it took me a week to catch up on blogging from our vacation, I haven’t mentioned anything much about being back here.

So, here’s a photo-blog about being back! :) Specifically for the grandparents. Hehe

Stu's playdough snowman! :)
My boys lounging around.
Capitalism at its best.
Kaden discovered a new way to view the world.

Here he is fresh from nap time!

And here's an update on the countdown chain! :) The one below was the original chain. Making slow, but steady progress.


  1. "commere!"

    All of my favorite post-nap sounds!!!

    Love, MammaE

  2. We love the chain...!! And what is that that Kaden is sitting in? If it's that "laundry hamper" I sent you, be careful with it. It says on the side of the package that it's NOT a child's toy...just worried me a bit! Old woman, huh?? haha Love from Papa and me!

  3. He is sitting UNDER the hamper you sent, which IS, in fact, my child's toy. Lol. Actually, we are using it as the toybox in the living room right now because he already hsa a hamper in his room and we needed one out here for all the crap he brings out until I can get it back to his room. But he loves to play with and look through it. I always watch him with it, but I don't see any harm in it.

  4. LOL Well, OK as long as someone watches him. I just worry about weird things...but then, you know that's just me! Paranoid Mimi who loves you all! hahahahaha

  5. BTW, Stu's "snowman" is probably the only one that's ever been made without melting anywhere in THAT desert!!!!!! LOL

  6. Doug used to play playdough with the girls and he made "Sally" and "Sam" - very detailed characters with many accessories. The kids would cry if he smushed them up so we had to take photos of them! Funny!