Sunday, October 18, 2009

Girls' Goodbye.

Yesterday we had a little get-together at Kundi's as both an opportunity for me to say goodbye as well as a chance for Kundi to see the girls again as she was in Zimbabwe for a few weeks to mourn her mother's passing and missed our monthly get-together.

It was billed as a pot-luck and once again we shone. :) Asma'a came once again, with her beautiful 7-month-old daughter Misk in tow. Misk is so stinking cute. I wanted to kidnap her to America with me with her full-head of curls and olive skin. It made me want to have another baby so bad! Sweet girl.

Anyway, in addition to the food, the always-thoughtful ladies also got me some going away presents! I didn't expect anything like that and it was all so thoughtful. Lindsay knew I needed stitch markers, so now I have them :) as well as new knitting needles that have interchangeable points so you can swap them out for the correct size you need. How cool! She also threw in a stitch counter and they all signed a card for me, which was included with the gift from Hala that was a beautiful book of Abu Dhabi photos. I looked through it there and back home with Stu and we kept saying how we'd been everywhere in it and how wonderful it will be to have a visual aid to tell our stories of our adventures once we go home. Such thoughtful women, they will truly be missed.

We took some fun photos too which I'll have to get from Hala and post on here.

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  1. What a group of so thoughtful friends. Think of all the great memories! I hope you'll keep in touch with them throughout the years to come! Maybe some of them can come to the USA to visit you someday...what a treat! So happy for you for all the great things that are happening to you right now. Love you...will see you in Boise in a couple of weeks!!!! M and P