Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Leaving For Good.

So as most of my lovely readers know by now, Kaden and I are heading back stateside on October 21st. It sure feels like it has been a long time coming! Poor Stuie has to stay here for a bit longer (we'll have to wait and see how things play out to determine what exactly a "bit" means). But these past few days have been just so weird. It's such a different experience thinking of something in the abstract (we're leaving at some undetermined point) and then actually putting it into practice (we're leaving in 6 days).

Last night we went shopping at Hamdan Center, which, as you'll recall, is a little series of sort of dodgy local shops downtown that sell souvenirs and cheap knock-off designer duds. We had a few more things to pick up and walking through a place I'd been so many times had an odd air of nostalgia to it that, before, had always been a curious stench of unwashed bodies, old dirt, and bad cologne. And then while driving home, it had already gotten dark, and the city really is beautiful when the dark veils the bad aspects. We stopped for shawarmas at the Lebanese Flower on the way home and they were as good as ever.

As I was emailing Marcia this morning I had a thought: This is the first time I'm leaving from a place I've lived for quite a long time, to which I never intend to return. When I left Coeur d'Alene, I was ready to be free of it, but I also knew I'd be back many many times in the future to visit. When I left Arizona, my aunt and uncle basically came too (within a short time of me leaving) and I see my grandparents plenty. When we left Boise, we left fully intending to return. But now, for the first time, I am leaving a place where I have friends and favorite places and a routine and weather I've become accustomed to, and I'll never be back.

I can't WAIT to start a new life in Boise, because that's what it will be. We couldn't have come here, experienced all we have, and expected to return to the "same" life we left, but I think we are better for it. I even have plans already for when I get back (thanks, Jo, hehe), but it doesn't quite feel right.

I'm meeting up with my girls this weekend at Kundi's and then maybe with the boys too for a "last meal" at the Flower and while I'm so excited and anticipating going "home" (to Boise), I find myself unable to swallow this lump in my throat, imagining never being here again.

I'm so glad I kept this blog all this time so I can always look back (read back) and remember all the things we've done and experienced here. Stu said yesterday, "I can't believe we went to Rome!" Someday it might be, "I can't believed we lived in Abu Dhabi." or "I can't believe we went on a desert safari on Christmas Eve." (which I still think is one of the best and most awesome memories I have from here).

I know I will look back fondly on my life here. When I drive home in the snow from a whole day of work and school and flop into a chair without a plan for dinner, I know I will look back on my life here and miss when I was stuck inside all day with nothing to do EXCEPT make dinner. :) When that day comes, may I find myself smiling at the memory.


  1. This addresses exactly a question I wanted to ask you - if you were going to miss anything, and how you were feeling in these last days you had left there. I know you're torn, but it's great that you can look back on this with a positive attitude and that you have great friends and great memories. I'm really happy for you guys. :-) Haha and I hear you on flopping into a chair after full day of committments - there's a lot of me that would give a whole lot to be able to have more time at home to cook the way I like and keep things in the order I'd prefer.

  2. will you keep the blog going when you go back?!?!? we (crazies still out here) will want updates on everything!!!

  3. I hate hate HATE it when blogs I've gotten used to reading suddenly become unauthored because their authors experience some change in their lives. Which is why I had the forethought to entitle this blog "It's Always Something" so that it wasn't specific enough to only be about living here. :) So yes, I certainly plan to write this blog until everyone stops reading it. :) (And don't think I won't be checking my hits stats, so you better return to keep it going! Wahahaha!)

  4. OK, now you went and made me get all teary-eyed! Since we've been there and loved everything we saw/did/ate, I think I can understand that lump in your throat because there is one in mine for you! Yes, you've experienced this part of living in such a place that not many can say they've had. I just feel badly for you leaving such great friends that you've met and all the things you've learned from them while there. Life is full of surprises and I believe this has been one for you, Stu and Kaden! Now, Kaden can say, 'I lived my first two years of life in the Middle East!" Who else can say that?? Wow! All said and done, we, all your loving family here in the great United States, can't wait to have you home so we will be able to call, talk and see you whenever we can! We will be there to welcome you back in just a couple of weeks!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! We love you...Mimi and Papa, con amore