Saturday, October 3, 2009

This Week in Abu Dhabi

So, we've been working with our lender(s) to try to get this pre-approval process done and over with, but because we paid off all our debt and now have nothing, we have no credit lines to show that we can pay our bills. Unfortunately all of our bills we do pay on a regular basis (the ones in Abu Dhabi) do not report to American credit (duh). So we're hoping the manual underwriting process works in our favor. Otherwise, it is getting a little close to the end of the year to hope to close before we plan for Stu to come home. In that case we may have to rethink our grand plan.

Sooooo, we (meaning Kaden and I) may or may not be coming home soon. We would still need to come back before Stu to get a house ready to live in (rented or purchased, we need somewhere to live) and would YOU want to set up a house with high-stress Stu? Yeah, me neither. Haha. So we will just have to see what happens in the next few weeks (this process takes longer too... another fun part). Very worst-case scenario, it's still only two months away, but best case scenario is probably two weeks (or more).

But, on to more fun things. Kaden got to go to Toys R Us yesterday, which he calls "The Apple Place" because it is right next to the fruit and vegetable market, (where they sells apples) so that's what he associates it with. He had a great time and he's even getting the hang of the bikes, even though they're a bit too big for him. I can't wait to get a my baby his first bike! How fun!
In other news, Stu's "big boy" (says Kaden) 26th birthday is on Monday. His awesome wife got him an Xbox 360 and 4 games. :) Kaden said he didn't want to get Daddy anything, so we will be working on his gift (and attitude) at the beginning of this coming week.
Here are some of my Monk in the tub being a little ham. (And Mommy's super awesome I'm-indulging-because-I'm-stressed-and-I-can dessert of coffee with whipped cream and a Brownie)

"Gimme hug Mommy!" (And of course I obliged... sweet soaking wet baby!)


  1. I absolutely, positivitely despise the credit game. Ugh, so frustrating.

    Besides that, that brownie looks yuuuuuummmyy!!!

  2. We are glad you are enjoying the brownie mix we sent to you, but have not heard if Kaden like's the bubble making toy we sent to him?
    Don't worry your credit will come through and you will be in a house before you know it.

  3. I still think your dishes are so pretty....are you going to ship them home, too? We have plans/freebie tickets to come to Boise on the weekend of Nov. 5. We can't come after that date as our "wonderful" work has a limit as to the amount of time you can take off - read no time off - and we'll be into the "Santa" shit for the few weekends before Xmas. So, if you come to Boise by that date, we'll see you (we can't wait), but if you are delayed, we probably won't be able to get up until after Jan. 1...Anyway, keep us posted and we'll try to coordinate our time with yours!! Talked to your mom tonight. She's calling again tomorrow as we had company for dinner and I was in the middle of fixing it when she called! haha Love you and can't wait to hold our little man again! Oh yeah, and give you and Stu a big hug, too!

  4. I laughed SO hard at the coffee/brownie picture because I have been eating whipped cream like no ones business for the past month or so. Only 20 extra calories per serving- and worth every single one!! This morning I had whipped cream on my strawberry milk... its getting a bit out of hand. Hope you enjoy as much as I do :)

  5. Christina: It's only bad when you pull into the Starbucks drive through and ORDER a cup of just whipped cream! yes, from experience. They got use to it at my neighborhood Starbucks in AZ and had it ready for me wheather I asked for it or not. The only thing that ended that craving for me was when they started serving this chocolate drink that was liquified brownie mix. Too funny.

  6. Christina: One of my cravings, years ago, of course, was peanut butter and sweet pickle sandwiches! I haven't had one since Mary-Leah was born, but I killed several big jars of pb and pickles! It's not bad, just "weird"....but then, that's me and you know me!!! haha