Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Stu!

Yesterday was Stu's 26th birthday and Kaden and I made him a cake and then Kaden painted him a masterpiece complete with handprints and everything. He has a great time and then got to wash off in the bath. Daddy loved his painting and his new toy (Xbox 360 with several games).
As soon as Stu walked into the house after work, Kaden started singing Happy Birthday to him like we had talked about earlier and it was the cutest thing ever! Then he got embarrassed and ran off. Lol.
I made Thai Coconut Chicken Soup and vegetable fried rice for dinner and then we enjoyed the cake afterwards. We ended the night by watching Jumper with popcorn. Stu said it was a pretty good birthday. Here are the pics!
Kaden thrilled at the idea of painting on a real canvas. :)
Finger painting! (thnaks, Aunt Mo for the painting supplies!)
Concerned about the mess her was making. Hehe
Wondering why Mommy kept taking pictures of him.
After the painting, in the tub, he wrote the word "Go" (see it???) on the bottom of the tub. Genius baby! Hehe

Dadddy's cake.
Daddy holding up his amazing painting and his other new toy and cake.

Blowing out his candles! :)


  1. That is so cute...maybe he can add something to his painting each year until the whole canvas is covered?? The cake looks yummmyyyy....what was it? Chocolate? I could use a good piece of chocolate cake right now... You were going to let us know about the XBox thingy..we'd have purchased it for you at our discount...but we didn't realize you wanted it for his b-day! A great gift, I might add! Love you guys and glad Stu had a good birthday! bye for now...M and P

  2. Love, love, love the painting on the canvas idea.........that is a treasure!

  3. Ahhh so cute :) What did you guy think of Jumper? I think we ended up seeing it a couple times because I liked it so much!

  4. I enjoyed it. I started watching it with low expectations and was nicely impressed. :) Plus Hayden Christianson is adorable.