Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sticker Shock.

So, last night I got a call from a college in Idaho asking me if I would be interested in an Administrative Assistant position (I'd tell you which one, but I don't want other people Jonesin' for my future job, hehe). The job is a State job (which equals State benefits), is only 30 hours a week and is in the evenings and on Saturday, which would free up my whole day to go to school. Which in my mind sounds pretty perfect. :)

So it brought a few things to light: first, Stu realized for the first time exactly what going to school full time and working meant. He said, "But I'll never see you." I asked him what he expected and he was at a loss for words. "The next two years are going to suck." Indeed.

So then we did the math and with the hours and the pay, my monthly salary would come out to $200 less than Stu makes EVERY WEEK! We put what I would be making for the WHOLE month into savings EVERY WEEK right now. Wow. So, I'll get to work my butt off 30 hours a week, missing my evenings with my family, for the price of living here, making what we do in a week. It really reminds us how much more money we make here. While I still think going home and living a real life, with friends and family, is what is most important, it sure IS hard to walk away from that kind of money. Stu quipped, "We're going to be poor again like normal people." Lol.


  1. You'll still be one step ahead of normal people. You've paid off all your debt and have a savings account and I think that is more than a normal working American has. So you'll be fine as long as you stay away from unnecessary debt again. I'm really excited that you'll be home soon, even though I won't personally get to see you but I know your mom and dad can't wait to get you close to them again.

  2. Ditto above on the debt and savings. That's way ahead of most. But yeah, it's really difficult working/studying so much and not having any time to do what's important in your personal life. I have a friend who does the same thing - work during the day, part time school at night. With me, I get home from work just in time to make it to the gym before the crowds, then get back home to shower and cook a healthy meal - by the time all that's done, I barely have an hour for tv/computer before I need to be in bed. Our dream is for me to be able to stay home with a family one day, but thinking about the loss in pay with that is very scary. So I hear you completely. Trying to weigh out keeping our heads afloat vs. actually being around to have a part in raising a family... lots to think about.

  3. There are pros and cons about this whole situation. You have to think seriously about what you REALLY want! Do you want/need more $$ just to come home with, or do you want to come back and face this uncertain future in the USA with all the changes going on, thanks to our esteemed president, who hasn't a clue? We would gladly change places with you - living over there making all that money and not having 1/3 of your total yearly paycheck going to higher costs in everything in life. This is what is going on now! But, then again, you will be closer to family coming home (which we all are loving) and living here all the time. I don't's a hard decision to make. Right now, you see Kaden growing and learning and bringing many laughs your way, but if you are working/schooling all day long with very few hours left in the day after studying, etc., there's barely time to watch your little monkey grow. It's one of those "on the fence things"...GOOD LUCK! We love you and miss you...Mimi and Papa

  4. Does that take into account the cheaper cost of living in the Pacific Northwest (does Idaho even come under Pacific northwest?) vs. the Middle east?

    I think it's a "grass is greener on the other side" issue really; once you come back here, you will miss the money, but if you stay you will miss the family/friends.