Friday, November 20, 2009

My Great Day.

If there was ever a day to blog, it is this day. First of all, my day started off totally stressful. Kaden and Cocoa (the dog that lives here) do NOT get alone by any stretch of the imagination. So my morning was spent trying to keep them both quiet, and away from each other (Kaden pisses Cocoa off and then Cocoa bites Kaden... little fucker). As soon as possible I took Kaden off to the park. The bummer started when I got a call in the early morning from BSU offering me THE job I had wanted all along. Unfortunately I'd already accepted another offer from the prison (but let's face it, who really wants to work at a prison?) so I told her as much before hanging up and feeling let down.

I talked to Stu while we were at the park and that helped some, but I'd already decided not to go to school this coming semester because working until 5 every day and then going to school until 9 every day, all while being pregnant and trying to fit in family time didn't seem like it was going to work out very well.
But then, low and behold I get another call from the BSU lady begging me to take the job and pointing out all the ways and reasons I can still refuse the other job (the major points being that I haven't actually started there yet, so I don't really have any loyalty to them, and that, uh, it's a prison...). So I called the prison back and gently let them know that I would not be taking the job.

But here's the best part. The job with BSU has the added benefit of deferred tuition which means that I will get to take classes for 5 bucks a credit (or 15 bucks a class... instead of the several hundred I have been paying thus far), plus I will work on campus where as a perk I can take class when I need to (if I need to take class from 11-1 every day, I can) so that I can actually finish my degree in the nearer future instead of some distant time that I can't even glimpse yet.
As if this wasn't more settling news all by its self, I also got a call back from a lady we applied for a rental house with, that I expected to be turned down for because we offered to pay $75 less per month than they were asking (which was a completely fair price for the size of the house, we just couldn't afford it). Instead she said the owner accepted the offer and that "it's all yours!" I will post pics of the house and backyard (which was the selling point for me). But it is a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath house with a "bonus room" that is the size of the master bedroom, walk-in closet, and master bathroom combined. It's freaking huge. I am so excited we got it because we were about to settle for a TINY 3 bedroom 2 bath on a teensy piece of land for 25 bucks less than what we're going to be paying for this monstrosity. I can't wait!

To top off my super day, I am going on a date with Melissa to see New Moon (FINALLY)! What a day, eh? :)


  1. OH my are SO lucky!!! looks like you'll have enough room for Mimi and Papa!!! Yay!!! LOLOLOL I'm not sure you'll think this as funny as we are thinking...I know you are saying/ way in hell!! hahaha Where is your house? Is it close to Marcia's?? It looks like it, but that area up there confuses me, but it does look like a great place, especially the back yard!! Good for you...we love you!! Mimi and Papa con amore