Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thank a Veteran on the 11th.

Well once again I have been FAIL blogger. I apologize for that but I know once I get my own place I will have my schedule more constant and then I will be back in the blogging world again.

This week we went out to dinner to El Giro Gallo with Melissa and Kyle for Kyle's 26th birthday. It was all super yummy of course and we had a great time.

Then Mimi and Papa got here on Thursday afternoon and then Doug came on Friday. We've been having a great time catching up and having fun.

This morning we headed to the Veteran's Day parade downtown (Deven, Papa, Kaden and I) which was actually pretty freezing and Kaden was kind of miserable. Check out the pics on my Facebook though if you're interested. I have never seen so many marching bands at one place before and it was great!

Then we came back home and I headed back downtown after Kaden's lunch time with Mimi and Doug to go to the Saturday market. We got several bottles of wine, some cinnamon pecans, crepes, and vegetables. It was really nice walking around down there and getting back into the feel of Boise again. I sure did miss it. This really is such a great town.

Not sure what is on the menu for tonight. Deven and Mitch are heading to a Hockey game but I don't know what I'll be doing.

I'd like to express my condolences to Lindsay about Stanford. :)

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  1. how could they loose!!! seriously!! are they afraid of success or something?!?!?!? if we loose to the beavers - at HOME then i'm going to have to consider disowning them