Thursday, November 12, 2009

My New Prius!

So, I don't know what's with my blogging funk. It's not necessarily that I don't have the time to blog anymore (it may be truer than before, but surely I could find ample time). I just have kind of been feeling less than stellar. Maybe it's that I still feel totally out of my element and that's a hard way to continually function day in and day out. It could be that I miss my husband like crazy and it makes me tired just thinking of how much that really is. But in all honesty, it is probably just hormones. I'm up then down, then exhausted then full of energy (just ask Marcia and Deven... two nights ago I laid down on the couch for 3 minutes and passed out asleep dead to the world, today I made dinner then cleaned it up and did the dishes, switched the laundry and then was bouncing in my seat trying to think of more to get done). I am sure once I settle into a better routine (uh, like with a JOB!) that I will come back around to having something clever or witty to say.... but sadly, that day is not today.

On a more positive note, and the reason for opening this window (instead of climbing right into bed after I put Kaden down for the night) is that I bought a car today! There were a few things that were monumental about it. First, the car cost twice what my first "new" car cost, and I thought THAT was a lot! Haha. And second, I wrote a check for the full amount and drove away with it as MY car. I will be mailed the title and it will be all mine. It took me all 5 years to pay off my last car and I'd never even had a chance to see the title to it because by the time I paid the last payment, we were on our way to Abu Dhabi and they mailed it to my Aunt. Sighhhh. So THIS car really feels like mine. Plus, it is a hybrid (and '07 Toyota Prius for those without Facebook, hehe), so I can drive around feeling like I'm "doing my part" in the green effort (when really I just want to pay for gas much less often).

Anyway, that's about all I'm good for these days and I apologize for that. Maybe when I have my own computer and can dedicate more time to staring at an empty screen (or when Daddy is home again and I can pawn getting up with Kaden off on someone else) I will produce my typical, longer blogs. For now, I am going to go start a new book Marcia gave me about having sex with cannibals (which I really hope is NOT what it's about, but I'll let you know) and then I need to get to bed straight away because the Monk will be up early no matter what time I finally turn in.


  1. Just wanted to come out of the blog-o-sphere and congratulate you on your great news. And also to let you know that the funk you find yourself in isn't just hormones but a normal reaction to repatriating sp? I went through it as did many if not most others that come back. Surprisingly it seems harder to adjust to being home then to going over. then you knew it was going to be a completely different world and expected it. But coming home I thing we have built expectations of "I can't wait to get home where things are normal and when they say somethings ready it will be and "In Shallah" doesn't play into it." But one of the things we forget is while everything works slower over there we have slowed down with it. And coming home everything seems to go by us at 100 miles an hour. And its hard to catch your breath. I too came home first with a child and had to get everything ready by my self. Looking back I wish I wouldn't have rushed myself so quickly on re-entry. It just made me more overwhelmed but I felt I had to get everything settled and get a job and house in order.
    So basically I just wanted to let you know your not alone and a little "In Shallah" isn't all bad. Take the time you need.

  2. Very well said by your last blogger, mzpookie. Hope things always go well for you, but that In shallah from over there might do some good for all of us here, who are always rushing, rushing, rushing. Makes sense, in a way, you know? Love you and talk to you later! Mimi and Papa

  3. Hey congrats! And as for not wanting to blog... I've been going through the same thing myself, and you've got a lot more going on that I do and have kept up way better as well.