Sunday, April 6, 2008

American TV!

As I mentioned, Stu and I went to 49ers for dinner on Thursday evening. Matt was nice enough to volunteer to watch Kaden for us so we actually had a date! It was nice. The restaurant is on the Penthouse floor so we had a great view of the city at night. The food was pretty good too. I had a nice Sirloin steak and Stu had the T-bone. It came with some actually really yummy sautéed veggies and a baked potato (it is supposed to be “American” themed, so the wait staff all wore vests… hehe. It’s nice to know how they look at us!)

This is one of the buildings downtown, right next to where we parked to eat dinner.

On Friday we basically just did a lot of shopping we needed to get done. We finally picked up a Satellite Receiver so we have American TV!!!! Yay! At the base Stu got a box thing that picks up the “Armed Forces Network” which is basically a conglomerate of all the most favorite TV programs that are running in America. They have like 26 Channels and just play random American TV crap all day! It is fabulous! We got to watch Deadliest Catch last night and Kaden watched Rugrats this morning. The receiver picks up a ton of channels though. I am currently watching a fashion channel that is broadcast in French, haha. But I get the basic idea.

Speaking of which, last night when Stu ran to the store he picked up a gossip magazine for me called “Gala”. Turns out it is a German Magazine and the whole thing says, “blah blah blah, Jennifer Aniston, blah blah blah” So I get IT too! Haha

This is Stu’s impression of the women here… although, you’d never see one in this color (Indian women maybe). Only black for the Arabs. But it was funny nonetheless!

And this is me in true form! :) Authentic Arabic sex appeal for you! Enjoy.

I just love this building... so I took another picture of it while we were running errands on Friday.

On Friday night we hit up the Lebanon Flower again with Josh. I had the Shawarma with Hommus (not “Hummus”) plate and Stu had the small wrap Shawarmas and French fries! Poor Kaden was absolutely exhausted and fell asleep in his stroller on the walk home. Here is tired Sir.


  1. Hi...Glad you have some tv time now! How did Matt work out as a babysitter? ha WE LOVE your blogs and what you have to say. So interesting! Keep up the good work. We love you very much. Mimi and Papa

  2. Hi, sorry I'm a loser and I never write, but I do read your blogs and I love them and all the pics too. Makes me feel like you aren't quite so far away with all of your updates. Love ya! Tell Stu and Kaden I say hi too!

  3. Thanks GOD for American TV and gossip magazines! My life wouldn't be complete without them! It's good to hear that you guys are doing ok. We miss you guys!

  4. HAHA last message from Jay and Nicole...