Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Keep on truckin'

Here are some more pictures of our "adventures" here recently. There are some from the Air Race, some from home, and others from around the area. Enjoy!

"Halo" Stu!

Mommy and Kaden at the Air Race.

We decided in order to "prove" we were there, we needed a photo with one of us in it! :) So here is me with the plane in the background during one of the races.

A stack of giant buckets... not sure what that is about. haha. Art???

One of the planes during the race. I especially love this picture because of how vibrant the colors are. The water is just so blue here and I love that, and then the plane looks awesome too! Great picture.
Just me... being goofy as usual.

There were fireworks going off in the distance while we were on the roof. This one looks like something is exploding! Scary thought, huh?!

Stu uses Kaden as a shield so I don't get mad at him... how could I with that face in between??? LOL!

Kaden "going for a walk" with Daddy.

When you need both hands, your mouth is the next best way to carry the things you need with you!

This was hilarious to me... this was while the Mosque was going off for a prayer call! He's converting to Islam yet! (He was trying to see a toy that rolled under the playpen, but that he was "praying" was so much funnier)

Green eyes, blue eyes.

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