Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sir, Sir, Sir.

Last night Stu, Kaden, Josh, and I went to the Abu Dhabi Mall. Stu got to get an (another, heh) mp3 player since he doesn't like his and I got a vacuum. Yeah, fair huh? :) Just kidding. Our vacuum decided to die and it was IMPERATIVE that we get another one soon since I have to vacuum the house every day with the rug shedding and the amount of dust that collects in the corners of the rooms here. It makes me concerned about the ventilation here. I wonder if it is properly filtered. Should there really be this much dust???

Anyway, so we did that then had Pizza Hut in the Mall for dinner, and Starbucks for dessert. Which was not the best idea I’d had all day since I was tweaky and a nervous wreck till almost 11 and I just couldn’t go to sleep. Too much caffeine is bad! Haha

Kaden says, "Thank you for my cute overalls, Kristin!"

I just love his eyes. I can't get enough of taking up-close pictures of him! (Spoken like a true Mom!)

Dancin' dancin' in his chair while he eats Cheerios! Mommy's fault for playing fun music while he eats.

Under his butt is this little dragon that plays music if you squeeze its belly. Kaden didn't know he was sitting on it, but he kept bouncing because it made noise when he did. It was so funny.
I am not sure what we are doing this week. We've been playing it by ear and we really should be making real plans to make sure we do the things we want to do here. Actually, I think Josh mentioned we may go to Dubai this weekend. So if we do that, we'll definitely tote the camera along too.
Hope everyone is doing well back home. We have good internet service now, so feel free to email me! I love hearing from everyone.

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