Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"You can't handle the truth."

Kaden and his cool new sunglasses that Aunt Marcia sent him!

Just had to share my FABULOUS lunch... a chicken salad pita and watermelon and carrots. It was so good! :)

Well, the past few days have been... interesting. To say the very least. I'm not going to go into it, but it's been humbling.

I think I’ve finally come to the realization that I am here, in Abu Dhabi, and I have to stay here. If it seems like it has taken a long time to come to this realization, Stu will assure you… you have NO idea! Heh.

I woke up this morning though and some days, today being one of them, it is still weird for me to think that we just left our life as easily as we did. It feels so unfinished. Like I need some sort of closure from Boise. Sounds so stupid, but it really does feel like a loss of, let’s say a well-loved pet (not quite the caliber of losing a family member…).

I’ve been reading a book by Sam Sheridan called “A Fighter’s Heart.” It’s about his journey through the world of fighting, particularly MMA (mixed martial arts), back when it was in its infancy as a sport in the US. It’s a fascinating book, and is very well-written. I especially like it because it takes me out of Abu Dhabi and allows me to follow this man through Thailand, fire jumping, and ultimately cage fighting, in the search for who he is. I think anyone can relate to such a thing. I doubt we ever find out everything about ourselves (I’d even venture to say I feel like I know others better than I know myself… For example, I have a much easier time knowing what Stuart would want or need than what I do). Since Stu and I got so into MMA before we left Boise, it feels even more familiar. Anyway, it is just a good book so far, and my favorite thing is getting to really escape into a book. Which is why Mary Higgins Clark and I are so tight. That woman is a literary genius.

Anyway, per the request of… everyone I’ve ever met… I started a “book” of sorts. Sort of a the-things-I-can’t-say-in-my-blog journal about this place. Who knows if it will ever turn into anything more than just a file on my computer for my eyes only. But for now, it’s simply another avenue with which to stay sane. (Lord knows in the coming months when it will get too hot to breathe, I will need all the help I can get.)

Summer school at Boise State starts in less than a month, which will give me even more to distract myself with. So that is good. I’ve been feeling more positive about life in general (particularly these past few days, oddly enough). I am at a good place with myself right now and Stu and I are figuring out where we belong here, and I think we’re both satisfied with it.

Last night we went up to the roof to BBQ with just the three of us. Kaden was so cute, getting disgustingly dirty playing on the ground, Daddy reassuring me, “Ohhh, He’s a boy! Let him play!” As I spent my time running around stepping on ants and flicking weird critters away from my happily playing baby. Typical Mom for you! But it was very enjoyable.

In slightly stranger news, Stu and Nick (the guy he carpools with to and from work) got clipped by a taxi yesterday not a block from the house. Stu called me to tell me he’d be a little late. Well, it turned out that once the cops got there, they couldn’t determine fault (here, SOMEONE is always at fault, and they were hell-bent on keeping both parties until one became at fault) so they took them down to the Police station! They had our Emirate liaison come down to speak Arabic with the cops and other driver, and ultimately, the cabbie was found at fault. But Stu didn’t get home until an hour and a half after the wreck and poor Nick was sorting out the car situation with Avis (trying to get another rental car... which they didn't end up getting) until almost 8 at night! Everyone was fine though, so that was good news. But they had to bum a ride to work today with someone else. Hopefully they get it figured out soon. Poor boys.

Anyway, other than that, I don’t have much to report. Just truckin’ along as usual.

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