Sunday, April 20, 2008


This past Thursday we bar-b-qued on our roof instead of going over to Matt's building. We figured that they would then come over to our place since we pack up the kid and go over there every weekend, but no one from that building came, so...

Anyway, it was a blast. Our roof is set up differently and it is nice because you can actually see over the edge without standing on chairs, so we got to watch the sun set and then the lights of the city come up. Very pretty. Josh bought a grill for up there and we had steaks and chicken and some sides.

It was really great because Kaden got to sleep in the bedroom in there in his carrier and it is air conditioned so he didn't sweat to death! And then we got to stay until ten talking up there because we were right next to his "bed" just downstairs. Handy.

Anyway, so it was mostly people from our building there, which is slightly different than the people we've been bbqing with. The composition of the conversation is noticeable different. So here are some pics from that night.

View from the roof, looking down our street.

Kaden feeding himself dinner.

Tommy, Jason, and Deborah in the background.

Tommy bringing up the grill!

The construction workers on the building next door.

MEAT! :)


  1. YUmmmm....the meat looks very good! We're so happy you are meeting other people there and we're sure you are going to have lots more fun in the future! Of course, the best picture is of our ggrandson!! ha He's SO cute!! Love you and will catch up with you another time! Kyle's blog address is: if you want to comment on his first blog! Love you, Honey! Kisses for Kaden, or "KK" Mimi and Papa

  2. Hello, I happened across your blog via Google Alert, using the search term 'concrete pumping'....your reference to the Burj Dubai was caught. It also pegged another American ex-pat blogger in Dubai. I referred him to your blog. perhaps you can co-miserate with him. Good luck in this adventure, I'm sure you will have a lifetime of memories from it.