Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Nikon D40X!

Well, we did it! We bought a brand new (top of the line) Nikon D40X series camera. It is soooooo cool! So much better than our old one. If you want proof, look at all of our pics thus far on the blog, then look at these! It’s incredible. Although, it definitely was expensive! 3,000 Dirham, but I know we will use it forever. We need to have great pictures of our experience, so I figure it was a worthy purchase.

We walked down to the little Mall near our house to get the camera and shoes for Mommy, and on the way back we stopped at “our” little cafĂ© for coffee (Iced Caramel… so yummy). Kaden was such a good boy, as always.

Then last night we went back down to the park on the Corniche since our camera had given up on us the last time we went down there. The pictures are so much better with this camera anyway, so here are some from last night!

Da-da tickling the baby.

Laughing Kaden!

Sir feeding himself and watching TV.

Hanging out with Mommy on the couch.

Soccer (futbol) is very popular here. This is one Dad showing his kids how it's done!

Kids playing at one of the many parks.

Wet shower baby! Hehe

Eating the towel.

This is a mural from inside of one of the pedestrian underpasses. They are made of tiny tiles which you can see if you look closely.
Stuart's artistic expression. Haha

Buildings on the Corniche.

This is a bridge over a little man-made lake in the park.

Sydney's artistic expression. :-)

My favorite example of the "cultural melting pot" in which we reside: a young boy in his traditional dishdasha, with a backwards cap, still sporting "Jesus sandals", and a Nike soccer ball.
I love it!


Power pose. I love it!

"Tag this!" (Arabic graffiti)

Sydney's artistic expression, part 2.

See how great this camera is at color, and close-up shots? Pretty flower...

"Kalispera Cafe"... "Our" cafe! :)

"Iced Caramel" (Heaven in a glass)

Sir and Mommy playing "feet" at the cafe.

Greatest picture ever, or what??? I know, I know, I am amazing...

My typical man...

Ok, I can't get a good internet connection right now and it won't let me add any more pictures, so I am going to give up for now. But rest assured there are TONS of other pictures. I have my cool new shoes and ground bats and other fun and exciting things... when I have access. Enjoy these for now!


  1. Wow, what a remarkable difference in camera quality. Now you are making me want to go out and buy one so I can have pictures of MY experience here in the American version of the desert (Phoenix)....anyway, your kid is amazingly cute! Great pics...looking forward to more. Take Care, Kyle

  2. That is the same camera I am coveting, I have a friend who has it and it is great, you'll love it. Kaden is such a cutie. Thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us I enjoy reading/seeing about your trip.