Saturday, May 31, 2008


Well, we're wrapping up the weekend here. It’s been sort of a lazy weekend. Stu got me an elliptical machine this weekend! It’s too hot to go outside anymore. Seriously, we went out today and poor little Kaden started crying after the first store we went to because it is so hot and he just sweats, even after the A/C has been on forever in the car. In that car-seat the air just doesn’t circulate all that well and he has to be miserable. So I don’t think we’ll be going out much anymore during the day if he has to be in that seat for too long.

BUT, a positive side of going out today was that I got to go to Spinney’s for the first time today and we got AVOCADOS! Hooray for life! So I am going to make guacamole tonight and then put avocado on everything I eat until I am sick of them. We also got some pork, yay. We got bacon and ham which I am really excited about because we can put it on Pizza! We got like ten things total at Spinney’s and it was almost 50 bucks… just goes to show how inflated the price of pork is over here.

Then we went grocery shopping at LuLu’s since it is the cheap place. They have most everything, even if you have to get a weird brand, but as far as produce goes, it’s normally rotting or pretty close to it. Luckily it was a good day for potatoes (they’ve been a total miss the past three weeks) which is awesome because I planned to have baked potatoes this week! It’s nice when things work out like that (it’s the little things in life anymore, heh).

We grilled out on the roof again this week. We did burgers this time though and they were fabulous! Stu is the best hamburger maker on the planet. He even found some really yummy buns that were fresh (so not rock-hard) and we had all the fixin’s. So good. Here are some pictures of us up there this week!

He sure is a good looking guy!

Happy singing baby.


Laid-back baby just hanging out.

Mommy and baby having a great time!

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