Friday, May 9, 2008


So the first day of the fight was upon us! Dun dun dunnnn…

Kaden and I got to sit in VIP seating with the Sheiks and other higher-up people. That was pretty cool. We sat in large decorative cushy chairs and were served a selection of water (in case we prefer Dasani to Perriere), nuts, and dates (sort of like prunes… yuck). Kaden really just liked crawling around bothering people.

I was really excited for Stu to be doing this. I was very proud that he decided to go ahead with it even though he was so worried about how green his skills were in Jiu-Jitsu. This is him warming up before his match.

A group photo of all of the fighters on the first day of fights.

Stu talking to Carlos and Olavo right before his fight.
Stu’s fight came up pretty quickly it seems and he was obviously very nervous. But he went out there and did it anyway. He ended up losing by an armbar submission hold, but he put up a good fight.

Stu and his opponent bowing before the fight.

After the fight.

One of Stu's Emirate teammates, Ahmad, after winning his preliminary fight.

Another teammate, Jarrett, winning by an armbar submission.

Kaden after the fights, supporting the UAE with his wristband that Ahmad gave him.

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  1. This is so interesting to read and see (in the pictures). When we come over, will there be any fights going on then? We'd love to go to one! But....are you allowed to "root" for an American at these fights?? haha Kaden and his arm bracelet are so VERY cute...he's such a photogenic (sp?) kid...what a pleasure to see him in any pictures!! Love you!! M and P