Saturday, May 10, 2008


So the second day of the fight was cool for Kaden and me because Daddy got to sit with us and watch. As usual, Kaden was a perfect angel. He had more VIP water and enjoyed watching the fights.

There were LOTS of winners from the UAE overall, so all the coaches and participants were in a good mood. Afterward, the guys got a week off of training, so we got even more Daddy time!

Kaden enjoying his "royalty" chair with his VIP treatment.

Stu and Ahmad talking before Ahmad had to get ready for his match.

VIP Stu. :)

Just had to share our table... notice the three different selections of water... and the nuts and dates... and flower arrangement, lol.

Group photo of the competitors going into Finals.

I just liked this picture of one of the matches... we don't know either of these guys... one is from Jordan, the other from Bahrain.

Carlos presenting some sort of award (they announced it in Arabic but never translated it for us... so I have no idea what it was for)

Ahmad after winning his match.

Jarrett after winning his match.

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