Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blood Money

So if there was ever something worth mentioning, it is this. Here, there is this law where if you hit and kill someone in a car accident, you have to pay their family basically what they are "worth" as a punishment (and sometimes jail time too, depending). But, in light of this, it is not very uncommon for these workers here (see construction worker below balancing on flimsy wood a hundred feet off the ground) to decide their 5 bucks a day just isn't supporting their families back home. They will choose instead to jump in front of vehicles so their families can get money. Sad huh?

So this weekend we grilled on our roof again (we missed last week because of the tournament). Marcelo, one of the coaches, and Rainy, his wife, came too. I met Rainy at the tournament sitting in the VIP section and she is an AMERICAN! Has family from Idaho no less, lol. Go figure, right? So, needless to say we bonded right away. She is a very interesting person too. She is a former Marine who then contracted with the DOD in Iraq as a translator for interrogations. She speaks perfect Ababic (Iraqi dialect). So it has been great. We went to the mall on Wednesday and she told me what the prayer call says, and taught me some other words in Arabic. How cool is that?

So the roof was fun. Especially having them over. Marcelo is going to be training Stu in private lessons (we figure might as well take advantage of this opportunity... as always). Here he is teaching Kaden! haha

Kaden wating his sunglasses.

Smiling Joshy.

Stu getting "punched" in the face... By Jeff.

Matt showing off his mad dance skillz.

Oh yeah! Do the "Q-tip"!

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