Sunday, May 25, 2008

Saudi Sweep

Sup Homes??? (I’m really an east-L.A. Latino gangbanger trapped in a little blonde white girl’s body… actually this would shock no one… moving on.)

Things are going pretty good. I’m thrilled to be “schoolin’ it” again. You never remember how great school is until you don’t have it for a while. Anyway, so it is fun getting the wheels up there turning again.

Stu is getting pretty homesick. I had my initial freak out early on and have since gotten over it, and he was gung-ho when we first got here and excited to be doing this and has finally had it catch up with him. So I feel bad because I’m fine and don’t really care WHEN we go home, just THAT we go home (read “home” as “anywhere in America”)…

… America… You know, we learn in school that we live in the “United States of America”, or just “The United States”… well apparently if you are anywhere other than the United States, you are actually from simply “America”. I keep forgetting this and when people here ask when where I am from (still cracking me up that I am almost always confused with being British [wtf, mate?]) I automatically tell them “The United States” and they just stare at me with a confused look on their face… “Oh, from America…” (since clearly I am not from “Estados Unidos de Mexico” after all.

I can never remember what I have and have not talked about on here before. I talk with my friends and Stu here about these things all the time and I take for granted that I post them… So, that said, if I post something more than once, forgive me, it will be just like you’re the twentieth person I’ve told a story to, just like back home, haha.

I started with the disclaimer so I can talk about one of those things I think I’ve already talked about! I KNOW I’ve talked about how bad the people here drive, but that isn’t even doing it justice. So, the “Saudi Sweep”… ever heard of it? That’s when a driver is in one lane, say the far right, and they decide they need to be in the far left lane RIGHT NOW, so they just turn the wheel hard (RIGHT NOW) with no concern about how many cars they are going to smash my attempting this insanity. So you either swerve out of the way to avoid being plowed over, or slam on your breaks, etc. The problem with this is that EVERYONE is driving just as crazy as “Saudi Sweep” man, tailgating, cutting people off, etc. I swear every time I get in a car (and buckle my kid in as tight as possible) I get an adrenaline rush at least once on the journey. We REALLY almost got into an accident the other day when Stu was trying to get over (no one will let you in) and nearly ran over a guy who decided to stop in front of us, right in the middle of the road… Welcome to Middle Eastern driving. Which just goes to show that those “idiot drivers” (anyone but yourself) in America that we all growl and cuss at in the privacy of our own cars, are not Asians, they are Arabs.

He's a thug baby... sticking his lip out.

Ok, I just had to put this on here... this is Stu's version of a "power strip"... safe looking huh? The other night I looked at it and said "what the heck?" and he's like, "I was wondering when you were going to notice that..."

The Fox Family portrait from when we were in Michigan this winter. Farmer Kaden!


He's looking at his reflection in the window.

Grill Master, mastering the grill as usual!

On the roof for our weekly bar-b-que!

Burrito baby... he wrapped himself up and went to sleep.

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