Thursday, May 8, 2008


Since I can’t really post blogs I will just write them in order then post them and it will just be like you haven’t checked my blog in a week or so! Hehe

Last night Stu had his last practice before the fight this weekend. Stu has had prior knee issues from the Air Force and last night he took a blow to the side of his knee and it really messed it up. He could hardly walk last night but he says it feels about 80% today after work so we will see how tomorrow goes. I worry with him fighting with an injury because I don’t want him to get hurt more, but with the physicality of this sport, injuries are pretty much inevitable and sometimes you just have to “play though it”. I took some pictures last night at practice of some of the team and coaches.

Giant inflatable horse! haha... No idea why this is the mascot.

Kaden watching intently... soon he'll be in baby Jiu-Jitsu... under 10 kilos.

Stu shaking hands with his practice partner.

Sid, one of the coaches and some royals who came to watch practice.

Carlos helping Stu perfect an armbar.

Injured Stu with ice.

The coaches at the front, Sid Jacintho, Ricardo Brandao, Carlos Santos, Olavo Abreu, and Marcelo Motta addressing the class at the end of practice.

There was an article about the fight in the paper (see below) with the Lieutenant General Mohammed Hilal Al Kaabi and Carlos Santos, Stu’s coach. The article says there are going to be about 150 competitors there from 30 countries! There are a lot of fighters from the UAE (duh) and other large contingents are said to be the United States, Jordan, and Bahrain. Stu will most likely be wrestling in the “under 77 kgs” category (under 170 lbs.) since I don’t think there is any way he can make the under 72 kgs at weigh-in tonight (He’d have to weigh under 158 tonight and last night he weighed 165… not going to happen, lol).

In light of the fight, we are going to stay in tonight and relax and then get Stu to bed early. I made crepes for dinner with bacon and eggs too and I made the bacon and crepes beforehand which turned out to be really mean since the house smells of bacon (remember, we don’t get to enjoy pork a lot here anyway) and the poor kid hasn’t eaten since noon and can’t until after 6 when he gets weighed. To make matters worse, I sent him off to the grocery store alone since Kaden was napping and we need groceries BADLY since we didn’t go last week. So he gets no food, but gets to look at all the food!

Kaden has been a good boy recently. We FINALLY got his noise maker (my Mom sent a package and it took over 3 weeks to get here, while Marcia and Mimi both sent packages that I got in a week or two). We set up the white noise for him and he slept all by himself in his own bed ALL NIGHT two nights in a row! (Last night he woke up twice however… hot sure what that was about) And he has been taking all of his naps in his own bed! Yay big boy! We were worried because he couldn’t sleep but in his carseat (and half the time only if we “bounced” him to sleep…ugh) and we were worried about travelling back to the States in a couple months and him not being able to sleep on the floor of the airplane (international airlines won’t let you buckle a carseat in to a seat… which sucks and is stupid… but I digress). So now hopefully he’ll be better equipped to deal with flight sleep!

Mimi sent him the cutest hat ever and he actually let me put it on him and he kept it on! Too much fun. I was laughing at him which made him laugh at me, so I laughed harder and we crawled over and attacked me… it was great. Funny baby.

Speaking of which, he is really developing a personality more and more every day. He gets so animated when he “talks” to me, and when he is frustrated he tries to “test” me to see if he can throw himself on the floor and get a good reaction from Mom. If I ignore him he usually gives up and will just be good, but he’s taken to arching his back and flinging himself nearly off the bed mid-diaper change, so I tell him to stop and he growls at me… sigh. I told him he won’t make any friends if he is a brat because nobody likes to play with bratty kids and he just laughed! MY son! Lol. He gave me this “give me a break, Mom!” look. He definitely can be a little shit, but one look with those giant blue eyes and I can’t help but laugh too!

Kaden can stand up by himself now! If I stand him up and then let go, he just stands there until he wants to sit down and then he’s off to whatever toy (or appliance cord) he’s interested in. I’m not ready for him to walk!

It also turns out that he will answer to Katie… sigh. He was wearing this little light green jumper that was SORT OF girly looking and Stu told him he looked like a girl and said, “Isn’t that right, Katie?” Kaden thought it was hilarious.

Happiest baby ever!

Well, I think that is about it from me for now. I will definitely write about tomorrow and let you all know how it goes.

I just had to post this one because he looks exactly like ALL of my siblings with that blank stare, haha. I laughed.

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