Monday, September 8, 2008


We got a box from my Mom yesterday that had a bunch of the stuff we had forgotten as well as a late present for Kaden from my brother Hayden. It made me cry when he opened it because it had Charlie in it! That’s the little stuffed animal that Hayden has had since he was a baby that he just loves. I thought it was so sweet that he gave that to Kaden. He pulled him right out and I said to “give him kisses” and he did. He’s been carrying him around today too. It’s so sweet.

So here are some pictures from today and last night since I have been slacking on the grandmas-need-Kaden-pics department!

The rest were from this morning... Mommy above, and the rest are Kaden playing with his blankey that he loves so much!

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  1. Was great talking to you this a.m. These two new blogs are great...I love it (and am a little jealous) and hope you really take notice that there are still people in the world that are friendly and loving. It's too bad that our world only hears of all the bad stuff and not the times you are experiencing like what you've talked about in your blogs. We love all your pictures so keep sending them! Kiss Kaden for us, hug Stu and know that we love all of you very much! Can't wait until December!! =} M and P