Monday, September 1, 2008

Ramadan Kareem!

When Kaden is in bed and the dishes and laundry are done, the blog is caught up on... I have little to do. So i have taken to people watching out of the window. Waiting for one of the construction workers to fall to their death from their lack of harnesses is only entertaining for so long. BUT, I just caught an Indian guy sneaking a drink of water behind the garbage bins! Yep, that's right, first day of Ramadan and I am already tallying! Hehe.

This whole Ramadan thing is really interesting to me. I mean sure, I feel slightly inconvenienced that all of the stores are closed until after dark, and that if I am craving a pop at noon I can't go down to the Haji store and get one for this month. But it all seems pretty cool. I mean, these people believe in their God so much that their government tells them that they cannot, nay, WILL not eat or drink or smoke during daylight hours. It is against the law. Huh. They are proving their worth to their God, and being grateful to him for all he has given them. They reflect this month on their values and try to be the best they can be. Seems honorable to me. I suppose we can equate it to Lent, but then we don't expect (or make laws) people to not consume in any way, shape, or form, during the day during Lent. And other than my cousin Flower, I am not aware of any Catholics I know that take Lent and giving up something very seriously. Here it is mandated... whether you are Muslim or not.

Stu and I tried to look ahead and sort of stocked up on things we knew we'd need to avoid going out once all of the fatigued, starving, delirious fasters are driving home from work, or once the Iftar (the breaking of the fast) mealtime begins. We do have to go out tonight anyway though because I need formula and diapers, but it was a nice thought.

I, being inside much of the day, haven't noticed huge changes around here other than as soon as 2:00 rolled around there was dead silence outside. Normally the construction workers work well into the evening, until the daylight is gone. Today, it ceased exactly at 2:00. I guess they figure their prime balancers they employ are slightly less skillful once their tummies are eating themselves (which must coincide with 2 PM...). Looking outside the streets are noticeable empty, with the occasional taxi driving by where normally there is steady traffic and honking horns. I should have picked today to take a nap! Kaden is sleeping blissfully without his noisemaker on even.

Anyway, for those of us who have yet to experience a Ramadan here, I know there is a certain amount of anticipation and all of a sudden there are things that are not allowed. I am all for people not being able to smoke during daylight hours. Too bad the Ramadan laws cannot expand to include other annoyances such as tapping pens excessively, or violating the personal space bubble when standing in lines. I guess it will be interesting to see the changes... I will be sure to report back.

To all my Muslim readers out there, Ramadan Kareem!

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