Saturday, September 13, 2008


For those of you who have missed the bulletin, people in the Middle East have zero sense of humor. Refer to the "fun" comment left on my last post (Not-So-Deep Thoughts).

I typically delete these unclaimed "anonymous" comments and write them off as being just some over oppressed bored-with-their-life asshole that has nothing better to do than read (again, anonymously) the fun-for-her-fans blog of an immature, blonde American girl, who has no business raising a child to follow in her demonic and filthy ways.

As I’ve mentioned in, oh I don’t know, at least ten posts, I write this blog for the wonderful people (ahem, American people) that I know and love back home. I’ve definitely taken this country in stride and all of its hypocritical and, to me, obnoxious ways of living, and I put the best mind-set forward. I do not “regret” the over-thirty comment (welcome to America, we have humor here) and I know that my family DOES tell me exactly what they think.

(Btw, what do wife beater tank tops have to do with being over 40 and “in the know”? Lol… I thought wife beaters had been around since the stone ages. I wasn’t aware they were somehow indicative of being cool. I used to watch COPS as a kid, too.)

Anyway, anonymous (most likely Arab) comments aside, the acronym above is the prefect explanation for the ways of this side of the world. This. Is. The. Middle. East.

I can’t wait to get out of this Hell hole and back to the real (unoppressed, un-brain-washed) world.

Opinions, eh? (They’re kind of like assholes… everyone has one and everyone thinks everyone else’s stinks)

Sydney out. (Back to that dark world I apparently frequent)

Sexy, sexy wife beater tank top


  1. More power to you, Squidney! I'm one of the Americans you know and love and I'm appalled people would write such things! Blogs are supposed to be fun, not something you use to degrade people you don't even know! Go Sydney! Love you lots! xoxo Hayley =)

  2. Last time I checked, a blog is like an open diary. And in a diary, one expresses their feelings, thoughts and reflections. Should we monitor and limit our diaries? I think not. Keep it up Syd, ain't nuttin wrong wit ya...or your blog.

  3. This freaky guy might want to "look" tough in his "wife beater" shirt, but he had no brains about OPENING his bottle of brew!! ahha His wife probably will bite it off for him when he's got enough courage to chug....NOT! Boy...he's SO scary...LOLOLOL Again, NOT! Love you, Best Blogger in the World!! M and P