Monday, September 29, 2008

Measles, Mumps, Rubella.

Yesterday we took Kaden to the doctor to get his MMR shot. He was such a big boy and handled it pretty well. The “doctor” (who knows how qualified she actually was) though was another story. He was terrified of her because she was wearing a mask to avoid giving us her “cold” she was apparently ill with... hacking and blowing her nose the whole time. Kaden thought she was the devil and was clinging to Stu and I like there was no tomorrow.

I was impressed with the outward appearance of the Pediatrics ward (or “Paediatrics” as was written on the door... for you European folk) of Gulf Diagnostics Center. It was painted in bright, happy colors and adorned with childish paintings of rocket ships, boats and puppies. Also, the front of the building had valet parking! Just like everywhere else here though… how many malls in the U.S. have valet parking?
The downside was that while we were being seen, another patient, a 4-month-old with Bronchitis, was also in the room being examined (since they were there first, apparently). Greaaaaat. Let’s give Kaden Bronchitis in addition to Autism... I know, I know, there is supposedly no link between the shot and the disorder, but until they actually prove it, I’m with Jenny McCarthy in feeling less than thrilled about it (though I didn’t go as far as to deny him a required immunization, soooo…).

Stu had to go to the pharmacy and buy Kaden’s shot while we were waiting in the room for him. Strange. On a positive note, we got more Tylenol for him (well, something that is APPARENTLY the same thing) and it was only 6 dirham… or would have been, but our insurance covered it… clearly we can’t afford a $1 prescription). It sort of weirds me out to give him something that I am not familiar with, but the doc (“Dr. May”… her first name is May… odd) is Lebanese and French and said it is the same. Trust her?
Also different is that the examining rooms are in the office of the doctor. Her desk is off to one side, stacked with (probably really unclean) charts. Then there is a sink and examining table on the other side of the office. So you come in, have a consultation, and then she looks at him. Weird too was that when we came in she asked us what was wrong with Kaden today. We said that nothing was wrong, he just needed his 12-month check-up and shots. Apparently “check up” means that she asks if he has been sick lately. That’s it. In America we get the whole shebang: eyes, ears, reflexes, social development, cognitive development, discuss his eating habits, discuss discipline, etc. Not in the UAE. He’s still alive. We’ve done our job.

Anyway, today he seems to be doing well. The only thing that even indicated that he had a shot yesterday was that he slept well over 12 hours last night. He was a great sport today while we hit the fruit and vegetable market and Toys R Us (to stare at Wii’s that are STILL too expensive to actually purchase). Today is the last day of Ramadan (or so I’m told… it might actually be the first day of Eid… a guy said “Eid Mubrak” to me today on my way out of a store, but I haven’t actually seen anyone smoking or eating outside today). We are very much looking forward to going outside during the day, although today was still very hot. At the open air market I had beads of sweat on my forehead as usual and didn’t catch the alluring breeze that is supposed to head our way in the coming months. I will let you know when it arrives.

Other than that, we came home and had wraps for lunch and Kaden is just now waking up from his nap. Stu headed off to the gym in an effort to burn some energy so he can stop being so hyper. Not sure if we’ll be doing anything worth reporting tonight though. Bye for now!


  1. Well, this is the scariest blog you've written - ever!! Our baby was subjected to a "doctor" you are not sure WAS a doctor, then to give him some type of "medicine" that you aren't sure is medicine..!!! hahaah POOR BABY!!! Well, you have no other choice, I suppose. Are there no American doctors there? Not any?? Watch him carefully...just that he's "alive" won't mean he won't have a reaction! Keep us posted! Love you and kiss Kaden for us!! He deserves two kisses and a popsicle! haha Mimi/Papa

  2. hi, i found your blog thru charmaine, i am one of the knitting group!(eva, ya know with the scarf)

    your little guy is soooo cute!
    we also had the "doctor" adventure when my little man had to get his 6 mon. check up/shots....boy was that a boat load of fun(insert sarcastic tone and facial expression here).

    Are you coming to the next meeting?