Saturday, September 27, 2008

This is what happens when you're away from home:

Ok, so it has taken me over 4 months to catch this little tidbit: J.R. Simplot died. Well when was someone going to tell me? It just goes to show that what happens when you leave a place: arguably one of the most important people in Boise died and I never heard about it.

Stu and I actually had dinner at Applebee's and sat adjacent to Simplot and his wife a few weeks before we left Boise.

For those who don't know (but really, how could you not?), Simplot took potatoes to a new level. His company patented the frozen french fry (think McDonald's) and it made him billions. At 99 he was the oldest billionaire on the Forbes 400 before he died. He was also listed at being the 89th richest person, coming in at somewhere near $3.6 billion.

A few years ago he donated his house (the one hill with green grass in the Boise foothills, with a flag that is so big you can see from an airplane... I know, I've looked for it) to the State to be used as a governor's mansion (though it's still empty). Nice gift though, huh?

Little bit of trivia too: Governor Butch Otter was married to Simplot's daughter Gay for 29 years. Ironically, Butchy met his current wife when she was Miss Idaho in 1991... she is 25 years his junior. He divorced Gay a year later. Coincidence? I think not.

Anywho, just a bit of info the late Simplot... might as well thank the man responsible for the yummiest way to consume potatoes! Thanks Jack!


  1. o.k. I get the hint... I didn't know that you wanted this kind of info, but here you go... Paul Newman died today. Now, that is way sadder than Simplot - maybe not to his family, but the whole USA us sadder today that Paul is gone!
    I Love You MILLIONS and I miss you BUNCHES!!!!

  2. I will have papa keep me up on all the important gossip and let you know! haha Now, since the entertainment industry is so gross these days, I will let you find out that crap on your own, but we'll try to keep you posted on other things! My only exception is Paul Newman...he was a good person and donated many millions to charity and lived a low-key life. He and his wife are responsible people of our world...too bad so many others don't follow their examples! goodbye, Paul, God rest your soul!

    Love you, Stu and our sweet Kaden!! Mimi and Papa