Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fight Night

Tonight begins Stu's no-gi Jiu-Jitsu fight and I am really looking forward to it. Unfortunately for me, it starts at 9:00 at night because of Ramadan, so I will likely have an angry baby on my hands. But either way it will be cool to see. I will be sure to bring the camera along. Having Rainy gone has made my weeks slightly longer and I can feel like I probably need to get out of the house soon.

We also have to make a visa run this weekend, which sucks. Typically visas are for 60 days but for whatever reason, the ones we got at the airport we only for 30 days, so we're already due. Ugh. They have made changes to the border recently (like controlling it) so apparently it is harder to get in and out, with longer lines and more strict requirements. I read in The National and on a couple of other blogs that they have had a much harder time getting through this time around. We're trying to get our paperwork together for our residence visas for Kaden and I (Stu already has his) but there is so much involved.

Last night we really wanted popcrn but didn't have any. Stu headed down to the Haji store and look what he brought home! It worked out fine, popping it on the stove (how domestic of me, huh?).

Anyway, it has been a pretty boring week but I will definite have pictures and more fun posts after this weekend, so stay tuned!

Here are my babies during story time last night... holding hands. Soooo sweet!


  1. Teary old me....I cried when I saw those precious hands holding daddy's! What a for his babybook!! We love you! Mimi and Papa

  2. they changed all the visit visa laws... now they are good for only 30 days. total bummer. but i'll try to get some more info and send it to you. also when you do the run ask if it's possible to get a longer visa or multiple entry