Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July Weekend

We started out our weekend with a package from Aunt Marcia, which had my new Kindle sleeve (yay!), some candy and magazines, and Kaden's new favorite toy:

And here's Kaden with his cool new Cars jammies! He loves them!

This thing is SO cool! It is a microphone that has so many settings that sometimes he'll set it to one I haven't heard before. It echos when you sing into it, and our little American Idol sure does love singing! Awesome toy. Thanks, Aunt Marcia and Uncle Deven!

Then yesterday was the 4th of July (American Independence Day, for those who don't know... if that's possible) and we celebrated by having Mike, Matt, Dan, and Kyle over to grill out on the roof. It was nice, though hot (check out the sheen on everyone... it was sweaty). Kyle brought his famous baked beans (with pork) and we made hotdogs (all-American as it gets, eh?) and I made Mimi's Macaroni Salad. We finished off the night by watching The Blue Collar Comedy Tour (which is certainly strictly redneck American!)

Stu with his favorite beer: Miller Light :)
Dan and Kaden chatting
Mike striking a pose.
Matt tending grill.
Kaden with Kyle (they have the same color eyes).
Watching Blue Collar Comedy Tour

All-in-all, a very nice night, although I did finish a bottle of wine by myself since Stu found Miller Light at the store (which happens to be more expensive than the imported Irish beers, lol), so getting up with Kaden this morning was a struggle for my head and my stomach. But it really was a good time.


  1. Miller Light? Really? Try some Canadian beers!

    Happy Independence Day!

  2. Miller Lite is Dads favorite too! I am a vodka fan myself, or my new favorite is homemade Baileys (thank you Jeff and Mo for the recipe!) even though it is made with whiskey (yuck) but there is enough other goodness in there that you don't taste the whiskey
    Happy belated 4th! We were at Fossil Bowl watching Maddy race.
    1st place in 5 races and 2nd in 3 - AND she beat a boy!! nothing less than 2nd for the weekend - what a treat!
    Steener is home for 12 days, so I get 3 of my 4 babies for awhile!!!
    I love you all and miss you something fierce!!!