Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kaden's Second Birthday Party!

We had a long and fun-filled weekend! We started it out by going out to eat at Cantina Laredo. My meal was great, but poor Stu’s was dry (chicken) and not very good. We had fun anyway though and we got home early to relax before Kaden’s big second birthday party the next day.

Kaden was pretty confused about what having a birthday party meant. He seemed cautiously optimistic when I assured him that Mike would be coming over to play with him. He passed the morning singing Happy Birthday to no one in particular.

The party was a pretty good time. Kaden enjoyed having so many people around, which is good because I wasn’t sure how he would react to it. After Rama arrived first, he accepted everyone else without any freaking out. Hehe.

Kaden got SOOOOO many cool toys for his birthday from all of our (his) friends. I thought his room was crowded before, NOW it’s just crazy in there! Lol. But he is actually playing with his toys again, which is great for Mommy (and giving me time to write this blog!).

Let’s see, he got a fun little sling-shot chicken that he alternates between being terrified of and in love with, and two Paddington bear books from Lindsay and Hilal, which we’ve read at LEAST ten times already! :) His card from them also included some Cars stickers, which is his favorite movie, so he keeps “reading” the card! Haha.

Charmaine and Chi Wai got him this totally awesome play gym thing that has 4 different games in one. It pops open like a tent and then you can play soccer, knock down some cans, play cornhole, or basketball! He loves it and has also found new uses for it, like holding his cars (in the basketball hoop) and pretending to sleep in it! Haha Charmaine was also a dear and came bearing cupcakes that she slaved over on her poor pregnant feet! But Stu in particular loved them and decided one was an appropriate before dinner snack last night! Lol

Lisa, Austin and Myla got him a Mega Blocks train set, which is really cool because we already have a bunch of Mega Blocks, so this morning we made a “train station” out of them and set up the track (which he decided can accommodate other cars and not just trains). He’s still playing with that as I write this.

He got a bowling set and shopping cart and cooking stuff/groceries from Mommy and Daddy. He especially loves the shopping cart!

Matt got him a set of race cars that wind up and Zoooom and Budda got him a remote control Spiderman Hummer. He uses both of those in place of the bowling ball to knock down the pins now and they explode everywhere! Clever kid. Lol

Mike got him a cute little piano that has numbers on it and comes with a book of songs by number so he can learn his numbers and coordinate them to a song! (And it’s travel-sized!)

Dan got him the hit toy of the day with a Winnie the Pooh stand-up piano with a honey pot seat and microphone. It sure is loud, but he LOVES it. I don’t think it’s been off other than sleeping times for the past two days. Haha

We ordered pizza and had snacks and Rama brought a dessert from the Lebanese Flower Bakery that was yummy! Kaden was WAY too busy having fun to stop and have some food though.

After the festivities, we headed up to the common area upstairs and played poker on the pool table (hey, it’s felted! Pretty close to a poker table). Kaden was pooped and went to bed early and Kyle cleaned us all out at poker (and then caught a flight back to the States bright and early the next morning out of Dubai!)

All-in-all, it was a great time and Kaden absolutely loves all his new toys! After hanging out with so many people I’m even more excited to share him with the family in a couple of weeks, now that I know he won’t be too freaked out by a bunch of people around.
Only 16 days till vacation now! Yay!

Kaden expressing his glee about his birthday party!

Daddy playing with his favorite toy before the guests arrived.
The snacks (sans pizza). See the sneaky little hand eating all of the goodies before his friends arrived???
Mommy and a carrot-eating baby.
VERY excited kid! :)
Hanging out with Mike and his new Burger King car.
Opening his presents! He loved the Mickey Mouse bag from Lindsay and Hilal. He is still carrying it around.
Getting Myla to read to him from his new Paddington Bear books!
Cool new cars from Matt!
So excited about his new piano from Mike!
Learning how to use the new piano
Cake #1 of two!
Kaden was not thrilled when we all sang Happy Birthday to him and he ran to Mike for comfort (or was just trying to get to the highest place in the room... Mike's like 6'9" or something!) He did blow out his candle all by himself though and I didn't let him burn himself this year! :)
Excited he has even MORE presents to open when Budda and Dan and Kyle finally made it.
Showing off his new remote control car to Lindsay.
Opening up Dan's present!
Oh my gosh! Can't contain his glee!
Thanks Dan!
Getting some assistance with unwrapping his microphone from Rama.

Serenading the crowd.

Clapping for himself when he finished playing. Lol.

Poker time! Matt and Mike.

Dan decided not to play but showed his support anyway. :)

Budda. Haha

Kyle, the champ himself. (Maybe it was whatever was in that sippy cup that gave him the edge...)

Stu dealing the cards

outside the camera flash is super bright


  1. Hehe I enjoyed looking at these all over again! He is such a ham! Happy Birthday to Kaden!!

  2. We have worn out our "scroll" on our keyboard looking up and down at all these wonderful pictures!!! hahaha He is so damn sweet...we miss kissing his face off!!! hahaha