Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bathtime Extravaganza!

Kaden loves the bath and he normally takes one after we play on the roof because he comes down all wet and sweaty, but I am sunburned and it's just freaking hot out so I decided again roof time today. He took advantage of not being tuckered out from roof playing and proceeded to create a masterpiece in the bathtub instead of working on his outdoor mural. Here are the results and the happy artist hard at work!

He wanted a high-five.


  1. Wow, wish we had such cool arteest toys growing up! He's got quite the area available for a mural there - looks great!

  2. You can notice his "farmer's tan" on his arms and legs!!! Too funny! Are those markers hard to clean off, btw? I used to let my kids play with shaving cream!! That was a mess, but sure was fun for them. Love you!! Hugs to my little man!

  3. And Mimi, that's with 50 SPF! They are crayons and they are a breeze to clean off. I love it! Stu and I get to leave little messages to one another too. :)

  4. Those crayons write amazing on mirrors. It used to be so handy to be able to write something that I needed to remember to do in the AM on the mirror -- it'd be one of the first things I'd see in the morning.

    The fact that Ellie LOVES them is totally secondary to the convience of them. :)