Monday, July 13, 2009

Planning Time!

Ok, I've decided that our vacation is getting close enough that I can start planning it! Stu and I both love get out and about when we vacation/travel so I would like to know if you have any "must-see" attractions in or around the Raleigh area.

My cousin, Sarah, has been infinitely helpful in giving us suggestions, and I can't wait to take it all in. One thing we do want to make sure we do is eat traditional North Carolina barbeque while we're there. So, if you know of a place, let me know!

Anyway, so far on the list are the North Carolina Art Museum and Pullen Park. Send your thoughts our way! :) We're only going to be in Raleigh for 4 days, so if you've got something around the Rocky Mount or Topsail Island areas, let us know too! Thanks!


  1. For BBQ...

    For the whole experience - Wilber's BBQ in Goldsboro, or Parker's BBQ in Wilson. Both will probably be on your way from Rocky Mount to the beach. Both are great, but I'd definitely choose Wilber's. :-) Make sure you add vinegar bbq sauce to your meat, and get some of the brunswick stew (at either place)!

    Or Smithfield's Chicken & BBQ (more of a fast-food-type chain, but really good). They certainly don't disappoint either. There are many of them, and you could easily find between here, RM, and the beach - Zebulon, Nashville, Rocky Mount, Jacksonville. There's even one here in Morrisville, VERY close to RDU, if you want some company! :-D

    Oh man, I'm craving bbq now...

    I also found these for more info, haha... (both Wilber's and Smithfield's got "4 pig" ratings, haha!)

  2. Beautiful picture of downtown, by the way! I work in one of those shorter buildings! :-)

    I'm very excited for you guys to come! I'm gonna see if anybody I work with has any suggestions for interesting things to do.

  3. See? I told you she was going above and beyond! :)

    Thank you so much Sarah! I continue to appreciate all the help you've given us so far!

  4. Here you go:

    Trip Advisor has some of the best advice on the internets.

  5. I love trip advisor. That was what I used to plan our whole trip to Italy. But I wasn't as happy with what it had for Raleigh unfortunately. I did use it to get ideas about the Museum of Art and the park, but it seemed much less than most cities I've used it for. Lame. But I did find that Raleigh city has a very useful and user-friendly site, so that is what I've been using mostly. Thanks, Abid!

  6. From past experiences, we didn't find that much to do in any of the above mentioned areas...they are smaller towns, but I'm sure you'll like the housing and the quaint downtown areas of all of the towns you see. As for Sara suggesting Wilburs!!!! DO NOT MISS IT!! It was popular over 25 yrs. ago when we lived in NC, and obviously, it's still THE place to go today! As for the vinegar suggestion...taste the meat first, then add the condiments. Their slaw used to be really good, but needed a little more sugar for flavor. The Brunswick stew was also very good and one of the most popular anywhere! My mouth is watering, so I think it's time to get out last year's pig and have the rest of it tomorrow!! Papa will love it. It's not far from Myrtle Beach, so if any extra time, you'd find a lot of fun down there! Hope you get more suggestions and can do all you want to do while there! Love you..Mimi and Papa ;)

    Just scrolled down to put in the word verification and the name is "cowsure" funny is that!?

  7. Aww it's no problem at all! I'm just excited that someone is coming through and is actually looking forward to things to do here! And excited it's you guys, of course!! ...Plus, I can't lie, I LOVE me some BBQ. :-)

  8. Hey, I'm emailing you some more ideas - some folks I work with had some great ones!