Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cut Some Hairs.

So, I haven't had a hair cut (and color, which, let's face it, is the most important part) since December before Mimi and Papa came for two reasons. First, a cut and highlights here cost an arm and a leg. Second, because of the first reason, I can hardly justify spending said arm and leg on a cut which only my son and husband, and the occassional work buddy will ever see. I stay inside most of the time, why pay to have my hair look decent when no one sees it anyway?

Anyway, but I was due. It was getting to the point where I was actually changing my make-up to fit a brunette look instead of claiming I was a "blonde". So, off I went yesterday to Le Meridien hotel to try out their salon (or "saloon" if you ask the bell hop) for the first time. Up until yesterday, I'd gone to The Beauty Spot, but they keep raising their prices and it's killing me.

I do like the Le Meridien salon much better though, both because the hairdressers don't chatter on about nonsense and because they are super fast. (Less than two hours, which takes 4 hours at the Beauty Spot and 3 hours back home) I only saved about 50 Dirham (it was 500 Dirham total, about $140) but it was a nice experience. I think I'll go back there again instead of The Beauty Spot. Throughout the course of the color and cut, 5 different people cycled through the process of getting my hair done (the two Lebanese guys, who are the hairdressers, and 3 Filipino helpers) and every single one of them told both that I had "a lot of hair" and that my hair was "beautiful", or "exquisite" (which sounds far more awesome in a French accent). I typically hate my hair until it's getting done because hairdressers love it (probably because they don't have to deal with it daily, haha).
This salon was cool on another realm because I got a 15-minute scalp massage too while getting my hair washed after the color. I almost fell asleep and had to focus more on not drooling than on enjoying myself after a bit. Very nice.
So, here's a pic. Excuse the no-make-up. I left right after breakfast to go get it done and I was wearing only yesterday's mascara. (See how my freckles are back though? Haha. I'm a-working on my tan for vacay!) The end result included a bit more than 4 inches off the whole thing and then layers as usual. Pretty basic. :)


  1. Your hair looks GREAT!! Glad you found a place you like...that counts the most on any hairdo! I got my hair cut yesterday, too. It's still my 'basic' cut, but it feels so good to get it all evened up again and this time she cut my bangs a little shorter so they wont' hang in my eyes!! You are beautiful anyway, so you don't need makeup!! Love you..M/P

  2. Haha we're on the same schedule... the last time I got my hair cut was right after Christmas. I finally scheduled one last week for this coming Thursday - I've been trying not to fight it and tyring it out curly (aka natural) for a while, so she's a curly cutter. I sure hope she'll help it out some!! I think your hair looks great!! Love the color.