Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Toys and Sunset.

Here are a few pics of Kaden playing with some of his new toys over the past few days! :)

And here are some pics Stu took of the sunset tonight. As hard as we might fight it, some times it sure is beautiful here. :)

And then there's this one, lol. This is what Kaden thought of the movie Jumanji!


  1. Hahahaha, Jumanji!! It's been on TV a lot lately. Funny movie, but also very weird. :-) Hehe I keep looking at Kaden's face and giggling every time.

  2. LOL! Me too! What a funny face. I hate that movie, it freaks me right out and it has been on tv a lot here as well. Poor Kaden --- you know if he was still with his GREAT aunt marcia he would not have been exposed to such a terror! LOL again.

  3. But...wouldn't being exposed to Deven Brinton be sort of like terror in another form??? hahahaha