Monday, July 27, 2009

9 Days and Counting! (And Kaden Twi-vid)

I can't believe it's only 9 days until we leave for vacation! After counting down for so long and feeling like it would never come, now it seems like it's here fast! I am sure this is how it's going to feel when we get to go home. We've been waiting for so long to finish our goals and get back home that once it does arrive, I'll bet it's going to feel like the time went fast.

Stu is already getting nervous about moving back home. I am a little, but not like he is. It's a nerve-wrecking thing to be so set in our ways here. We make enough money that we don't really have to worry about anything. If we decide we want a video camera (two weeks ago, hehe) or want to get steak AND shrimp for dinner this week :) then we just do it. We don't have to plan out the money for things and focus on saving up for things because we spend so little money here. The saving just happens naturally. But when we go home and have bills and we each have jobs again (which cost money in themselves with car payments and gas and insurance and work clothes, etc.), it's kind of a frightening thing to think about diving into again.

It was nice getting so many comments (and even more emails) with suggestions and personal feelings about what we should do. I asked because even though I know we feel like we've thought of everything, inevitably, someone will bring up something we haven't thought of before. It happened, and actually for the better in this case. Marcia in particular reminded us that Boise winters REALLY aren't that bad and that moving home then wouldn't be the Hell situation we're so worried it will be. (She also offered lodging, which is always nice, hehe)

I know we've definitely both come full-circle as far as money goes since we came here. When we got here, the goal was simply to pay off debt. If we left here with that gone, we'd be better off than before we came. When that happened so fast, we developed fairly complex goals with specifics in mind and the fact that we'll actually hit our goals come mid-December is such a rejuvenating feeling. I think we've both gotten to the point where money really isn't everything ('cause let's face it, money IS everything when you have none of it) and where those "things" (like, uh, living life instead of talking about it) are important enough to walk away from the money aspect...

We are going to reevaluate everything after our vacation (and how much of a motivator it ends up being) and determine if we think we can and should stick it out here longer than we planned. For now, I'm not willing to ask any more of ourselves than what we've been driving toward for over a year now. I guess we'll let the chips fall where they may, but in the meantime I am soooo excited for this much-needed vacation.

Those who have travelled with toddlers (I know no one has travelled 27 straight hours with a toddler, but bear with me), any handy tips or tricks you'd like to share? Or if you haven't, any ideas that you think might make the trip less stressful for everyone, we'd appreciate the advice! :) We've been considering getting one of those kid leash-type things that allow the kid to walk, but unable to release your hand and go running away (like our lovely child has taken to doing lately). Thoughts on those? Anyway, yay for vacation! 9 days!

Oh, and I have been a loser at remembering to take videos of Kaden, but here is one from yesterday that made me laugh. Any time I need to get anything done, I can pop in Twilight and Kaden is enthralled. Not sure what it is about that movie, but he actually watches it while most movies are just background noise to him. (I know, I know, I shouldn't let the TV babysit my kid, but sometimes, dishes just need to get done) So ha! I'm not the only Twihard in the family. :) Enjoy.


  1. Gah!!! Hahaha that made me smile so much. He looks enthralled by that movie, but as soon as he heard you call, he ran to the camera and smiled that cute little smile! :-)

  2. Oh wow! A toddler Twihard! Yikes. As for those leash thingys, I really hate them, BUT I'd hate worse to lose my kid in an airport, so I say if it will give Kaden some freedom and keep him happy on the long trip back to the US, then go ahead and do it! Who cares what anyone else thinks? Also, try having little tiny toys wrapped up individually for him to open as the hours go by. He will be entertained and by the time he's bored with one toy, he can be "bribed" that another one is coming in, say, an hour, or whatever seems best. And the best part? If he's NOT bored of it in an hour, you get extra time for him to be entertained. Don't go overboard, just some little things will do. Even a package of crackers, or a few crayons and a note pad will entertain him. And let him listen to your iPod! Download some kid songs or his favorite CD's and get him some of the "over the head" earphones so it's easier for him to keep them on. He will love it! Oh, and the one that Mimi pulled out when she had to drive from Arizona to Ohio to pick up your mom who fell out of a tree and broke her leg on vacation at Ommie and Boppie's - she gave Doug and I a container of Wet Ones and we just washed anything and everything inside the car - so let him wash the airplane seats, windows, etc. Who cares? They will probably be cleaner than they've ever been! Don't underestimate the entertainment factor of Wet Ones! :)

  3. Kaden saying 'Bella' just totally made my day! Cutest. Thing. Ever.


  4. Well, I've been able to fly with a few "mini" bottles of booze....just put one of those in his bottle of water, he'll be relaxed.....if he's anything like your Mimi, he'll like Canadian Club! hahahah, only joking of course.